Thomas Wolfe

     Thomas Wolfe is one of a kind. I meet this Templar while he was looking for his car. Get this, some Junker made the ultimate blunder and the mistake created a true self-aware intelligence called TIM, if you want to know more about him go back a page and click on TIM cause I'm here to talk about Wolfe damn it!
     Wolfe is a hotheaded, know it all and has been sense the day I meet him. Granted he gets the job done but call him on a mistake and he'll stomp you flat. He doesn't have a temper but he's proud (like most Templars aren't right?).
     From our talks (and they are almost always one sided, his side. Unless he wants something) I've learned he was only seven when the bombs fell. Still suckling from his mother and wetter than water behind the ears. I'm not sure if Joe (the Templar as if there is any other) found him and took him to Simon to train or if she meet him after he started as a squire but they share some sort of little brother and way older sister thing. Joe not being nurturing type anymore (I've heard she had children once but won't talk about them now) the famed Cane took Wolfe as his Squire. They broke on good terms (Wolfe never talks bad about him but also never talks much about him) and sense then has made a name for himself.
     Wolfe and Lawton meet in somewhere out side Stockton, Ca and have only been a part for short time after Wolfe's death. Through some kind of timeline crossing of something when Lawton went back in time he came back with Wolfe who entered the past from some alternate time or something? Time travel and it's repercussions give me such a pain in the head.

     Note: Wolfe is part of my first Hell on Earth group "The Unity Bunch." To learn more about the Unity Bunch click here for the Marshal Page and hit the link "Unity or Bust".

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