Mystic Ward

Owner: Scott Hacker (
TN: 9
Components: Special
Scroungin': Minimum of 5 in populated area, 7 elsewhere
     This power creates a magic barrier through which nothing can pass. To make it, the witch needs to make a pentagram on the ground. This pentagram can be any size up to the witch's Witchcraft level in yards, and can be drawn or created from anything, from a stick in the dirt, to thousands of precious jewels imbedded in the ground. A candle, bowl of flaming oil, or some other burning object at each point of the star.
     Once the pentagram is created, the witch can invoke it's power at any time by making a Witchcraft roll. If the roll is successful, anything inside the pentagram is trapped inside, and vice versa. While the ward is active, nothing with a bond to the Hunting Grounds, like living creatures, zombies (the manitou inside it), magical spells, etc, can touch it or pass through it. Inanimate objects move through it without difficulty. The ward remains in affect until the pentagram is broken, all of the burning objects go out, or the witch chooses to end it. If the pentagram is scratched in the dirt, or drawn in chalk, simply rubbing away a part of it will end the spell. Set pentagrams require a piece of it to be removed.

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