Crystal Ball

TN: 5
Components: a bowl of clean water mirror or a Crystal Ball (+2 to the witchcraft roll with a real Crystal Ball)
Scroungin': 5 for all but the Crystal Ball (this is up to the Marshal) and the piece of hair.
     Crystal Ball lets a witch see other people from great distances. This is a great way to spy on people or just keep tabs on a friend. While the witch concentrates on the target and holding his/her hair the witch will see an image of the target in the Crystal Ball (or bowl or mirror). The witch will see things as if she where standing there but can change the perspective but it will always center around the target.
     There are two down sides to this spell. One is that while the witch can see the target and whom ever he/she is talking to or what he/she is doing the witch can't hear anything. Some crafty witches have found a way around the problem. The have learned to read the lips of the people they see. The other problem is that while the witch can see her target she has no idea where in the world the target is. It's up to the Marshal if she can make out landmarks or other sings of where the target is.

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