I've only meat one and it worn't no chick. He went on and on about his mystical brews and spells. He told me that he learned his craft from a cook book and that it was only the first in a line of coded spell books. When he wasn't looking I lifted his journal from his coat and scanned the writing as fast as I could. I didn't get it all but I got a lot of his notes. When he left he was killed out side of town by a road gang that decided to "teach him a lesson for being weird." With all his fancy spell the 15 man gang mad short work of him, but it was an impressive show. I thought sense the guy was dead I could read the journal. I learned the cook book he was talking about was called How to Serve Your Man and some other self published books by some Lee woman. This guy evidently got a glimpse of he other books and decoded them into his journal (some way to keep a secret). So sense in his own words most witches don't even know there were other books I thought I would put the ones I got here for other witches.

     These are the spells I copied from the old wizard I mentioned earlier.
     Note: most of the spells here are inspired by or a rewritten from Smith & Robards to fit Witches spells
  Communicate With The Dead
  Crystal Ball
  Find Potable Water
  Forget Me
  Forget Me Not
  Fortune Telling
  Mystic Ward
  Spirit Flight
  Witch's Broom

Send me any Witches spells so I can post'em here.

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