I can't say I knew this guy to well. He was only with Lawton for a shot time after Wolfe's death. He was one of those Doomsayer. A real purple pain in my mutation (and we all know where that's at). If I never hear the name of a saint again it will be too soon. Victor was a caring guy but he was a little needy of others. He oozed radiation to the point that he freaken' glowed! That and the fact he wanted to put out some irradiated Ghost Rock out in front of me and prey to it, just cemented the way I feel about these whack jobs. I can't say I'll miss him (like I said I didn't know him and meet him only once) but I think had I known him longer, whack job or not, I would miss him.

     Note: Victor was part of my first Hell on Earth group "The Unity Bunch" until his death in the past. learn more about the Unity Bunch click here for theMarshal Page and hit the link "Unity or Bust".

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