Ghost Vapor Injector, (Screamin' Demon)
By David Heth and John Vescio
Cost: $800 (More expensive but the fuel is cheaper and more common)
Load Points: 1
TN: 7
Time: 1 Hour
Raise: 10 Minutes
     Here's an idea for a new toy. The road warriors book contains a Nitrous Oxide booster for cars but Nitrous refills would be rare in the extreme. An alternative fuel would be Ghost Rock vapor. Its explosive and burns so it would work. The vapor is injected from a pressure canister into the firing chamber.
     A small fuel cylinder and a compressor make up this alternative to a Nitrous Oxide system and provides nearly identical results. It allows for temporary boosts to a car's speed and power. The name Screamin' Demon comes from the near deafening high pitched screams that screech from the engine as long as the soul-vapor is burning.
     It takes one action to activate the vapor injector. Once activated the Vehicle's acceleration increases by 10 mph and the top speed by 20 Mph. This remains until the fuel is expended or the device is turned off.
     A 2 oz. chunk of ghost rock sealed into the fuel bin produces enough vapor for a single round of boosted performance. The fuel bin can hold up to one pound of ghost rock, giving it 8 uses. This is substantially cheaper than the Nitrous Oxide version but its not without its cost. Any time the engine needs to be repaired the accumulated vapor has a chance of giving the mechanic Ghost Rock fever unless protection, in the form of a mask or such, is worn. The Mechanic must make a Fair (5) Vigor roll when working on the engine to resist the deadly disease.

Mechanically Fed Ammo Drum
By Mike Scofield
Cost: $100
Load Points: 1
TN: 5
Time: 1 hour
Raise: 5 minutes
     This is a drum of ammunition with a motor built into the base of it. Each round loaded into it sits in a numbered slot. A wire leads from the motor in the base of the drum down to a small box with a numbered dial on it. Turning the dial to a given number selects the bullet in the matching slot in the ammo drum. This lets a gunner load different types of ammo into the drum and selectively fire them later. It takes one action to switch to a new round in the drum. The dial may also be set to "Auto Advance" which fires the rounds in the normal sequence.

Vehicle Mounted Blade
By David Heth and John Vescio
Cost: $50
Load Points: 2
TN: 5
Time: 30 minutes
Raise: 2 Minutes
     The vehicle-mounted blade is about the simplest weapon available to a Road Warrior and also one of the flat out ugliest, in a good way. The blade is usually a V shaped brace mounted to the side of a car or motorcycle. The edges of the heavy brace are sharpened. Although the front edge is generally the only one need unless your brainers like to back up and slice people. It can happen. The damage is 2D8+1D8 per 10 MPH to a maximum of 6D8. The damage is treated as a brawling attack so gets the +2 to hit location and damage is applied to one location. If the weapon is mounted low on the vehicle it may not receive this bonus.
     The TN for the drivin’ roll is 5+Brawling skill of the poor sucker about to get sliced, like any Brawlin' attack. Don't forget the Handlin' of the vehicle and the Speed modifier.
     Example: Lanhkmar spins his Hoverbike and charges a club wielding' Trog and accelerates to 50 mph before he reaches the beasty. The Trogs Brawlin' is 4 (Yipe) and the speed modifier is 1. The bikes got a +2 Handlin' so the Hover zoomie Doomie needs to make a Drivin' (8) roll to hit. If he makes it he would inflict the full 6D8 damage to a single location. (Yow) Of course he hopes the Trog isn't holding a card and waiting to play Doomie baseball!

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