Tiered of walking those long stretches of waste? Strap this device on our back and go, go, go. When not in use it folds back-up into the backpack for easy storage.
While a car can be nice there are times when there are no roads and you need to get from Point A to Point B with your gear and the only way there is to walk. Backpacks help the situation and horses are better but a Junker would rather have something that needs less of what he needs and doesn't leave a mess in it's wake. It's meant to move on it's own or just follow with a command from the owner. While it is able to carry out verbal commands it doesn't have the cognitive abilities to perform independent or overly complicated commands.
Electric Wheelchair
Hospitals, amusement parks, practically anywhere, there where wheelchair for those the needed them (and those that didn't). Now that there aren't so many of those places, there still seems to be hundreds of these every where I go. Though it could be there where always there, I personally think they are a tool of the Reckoners. But don't let me stop you from using one...
A simply large skateboard like device that hovers instead moves on wheels. Add to this that you can taking the straps on the undercarriage and use it as a shield.
Hummer HX
The HX was an open-air, two-door off-road vehicle, and the smallest of the HUMMER line. Some of the features is offered where removable doors, removable fender flares (for additional trail/rock clearance), GPS (with compass information) and a tool compartment (a folding shovel, flashlight and first-aid kit). There where only a limited number made before the entire HUMMER line was scrapped.
Jeep Renegade
The Renegade was Jeeps first (and only) hybrid vehicle. It was raved about when it was first shown, but once it started rolling off the assembly lines, sales where dismal. As it turned out, the 110 MPG first announced was off and most consumers where not interested in diesel. Still enough enthusiast and sportsmen bought them that the model lasted five years.

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