What happens when a Junker calls on an intelligent spirit to occupy a computer set up to be an AI and screws the job all to hell? One big bang. In TIM's case the Junker called something that ultimately gave TIM true life. This Junker later did of the rots from some Plague Zombie, leaving TIM to sit in this computer running a house for a dead guy. Along come two brainers that say hey what if we hook you up to our car's computer and take you with us. What do you think you think he said…yes! Using a robot he called Feel-ix to make changes, TIM got to work making the HumVee the brainer's had into his body. Those brainer's by the way where Matt Lawton and Thomas Wolfe from the Unity Bunch.
     So as the sorry goes I meet TIM at Parts is Parts while he did some trading and improvements to his car body. He and I got to talking and I helped him add a holographic generator to his system. Low and behold Lawton and Wolfe show up looking for TIM. Seems they told him that should anything happen to meet back in Junkyard. Man Lawton and Wolfe got steamed. Seems the barter TIM used was theirs. The dynamic duo have some kind of biases against Ghost Rock and anything made from it so they let TIM chose his own rout (and no it wasn't cause of the barter TIM used, they forgave him for that). Last I talked to TIM he joined the Convoy as a scout. Oh, he's still making improvements. I can't wait to see the finished product is.

     Note: TIM was an NPC in my first Hell on Earth group "The Unity Bunch." To learn more about the Unity Bunch click here for the>Marshal Page and hit the link "Unity or Bust".

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