So you want me to tell you about the Templars? They're hard to pin down. Most are mean as the dog that bit them & twice as mad. Not loony but priest like mad. With their "powers from the Saints or God" mojo. All in all they care. Maybe not the way some do, but they care what happens to us all. I see them in much the same light as the Doomsayers. Both help those who need help. But both have criteria as to who they deem is worthy. Wasn't it the religious folk that had the whole "judge not less you be judged" stuff.
     They got one thing going for them (besides their powers). When you got a sword and the skill to use it, ammo becomes a secondary thought. I'm not saying that they never use guns but they can kill thing just a dead with a sword. And man can they use a sword!

Sketch of Thomas Wolfe, a Templars I've meet.

Templar Martyrs
  Charles Fort

  Nothing yet

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