Sykic Sled

Type: Telekinesis
TN: Special
Strain: Special
Speed: 1
Duration: Concentration
Range: Self
     Sometimes transportation can be harder to find than a shower in the desert. What do you do if your in the desert without a horse (who cares if its got a name)? Grab something flat and use it like a sled. Sykic Sled that is.

     A Syker can use almost any flat object big enough to sit on as a sled. Channeling his will into pushing the "sled," he slides along the ground as if it where a dog pulled sled. The speed a Syker travels in miles per hour is equal to her Spirit die type on a flat smoothish surface like a road. Should the Syker travel in rough terrain, halve the mph. While its faster than walking, its a real drain the longer it used and/or the more the Syker carries. The more weight the Syker carries on him or the sled the higher the TN and more Strain it costs.

Sykic Sled
Just the Syker
+20 pounds
+50 pounds
+100 pounds
+200 pounds

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