Sykic Shield

Type: Telekinesis
TN: 9
Strain: Special
Speed: 1 (Vamoose!)
Duration: Instant
Range: Self
     This power allows a Syker to deflect any projectile attacks used against him. When the Syker is shot at, he vamooses, and makes his blastin' test. If he succeeds, roll the damage for the attack, but don't roll any extra dice for head or gizzard shots. The Syker takes an amount of strain equal to the number of wound levels the attack would have done, with a minimum cost of 1.
     If the Syker gets a raise on his blastin' roll, he may attempt to redirect the shot to another target. Use the throwin' skill, and apply any modifiers as normal. Arcane powers can also be deflected, but it is more difficult than a bullet. First, only power that must be aimed, like brain blast and atomic blast, can be deflected, and the TN rises to 13.

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