Type: Psionics
TN: 7
Strain: 1
Speed: 1
Duration: 1 Strain/minute
Range: Blastin'/yards x2
     Being on point is a bitch. You have to know everything happening around you all at once. Pretty hard sense you got one set of peepers and they face forward. Some resourceful Syker found a way around that physical limitation. Recon gives the Syker a quasi all around vision. The Syker sends out a psychic burst and "listens" for the return. Kind a like "Psychic Radar."
     There is a huge drawback to this power. The Syker's mind is left open while she's waiting for her psychic rebound. Any mind effecting powers used on the Syker has a +2 to the roll to contact.

Other Syker Powers:
  Flashback       Junker Juice       Sykic Shield       Sykic Sled     

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