Type: Psioncs
TN: 7 (+1 for each Grit the victim has)
Strain: 1
Speed: 1
Duration: Concentration
Range: 5 yards/blastin'
     You haven't seen nearly the what I've see, or done the horrible things I have had to, but you will!
     Sykers, like veterans of other wars, tend to suffer from flashbacks of the atrocities they committed in battle. A select few have found a way to make others feel the effects of flashbacks.
     The Syker transfers the images of his most disturbing memory into the mind of another. This can cause a victim to become unnerved or even run in terror of the senses he sees.
     Roll 1d6 (+1 for each raise the Syker gets on his Blastin' roll) on the Scart Table on page 187 of Hell on Earth.
     There is a dangerous side to this power though. Should the Syker go bust on the blastin' roll he not only gets brainburn but has a chance of drumming up memories he wouldn't want to remember. Roll 1d6 (+1 for each level of the local Fear Level) on the Scart Table on page 187 of Hell on Earth.

Other Syker Powers:
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