I know some of these guys (and I'm ganna get my butt kicked for this) but they all seem to have some "Hey I fought for you so show respect for me" attitude. I wasn't on Banshee and I could have cared less in my old government fell but lets cut the bull here boys. Sure you fought and some gave their lives for what the believed but if you want my respect, step down off your High-Horse!
     Here I go spouting off like some pissy brat but the truth is, as a whole I have respect for there abilities and their willingness to lay down their lives for a purpose. If you ever get on their wrong side, kiss you live bon voyage! I mean they carry economy sized cans of wuppa$$. But gain their loyalty and no dog can compare to what they'll do for ya.

     Now, like I said I know some of these guys and they've shown me some powers that ether they came up with or are just pretty unique.

  Junker Juice
  Sykic Shield
  Sykic Sled

If you have a power you want posted here, drop me a line.

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