Universal Lockpick
    This device is built to disguise it as a hardcover book. Once removed from the book cover a large hole in its back, two coiled wires with pinchers on the end, several small mechanical arms and a small screen and buttons on the front are visible. Different types of locks use different parts of the device. Tumbler style locks use the arms, inserted in to pick it. For combination locks (like on safes) simple fit the hole over the dial and the unit listens for the tumblers to fall in place turning the dial itself. Electric locks (magnetic strips, numeric keypads, thumbprints, voice recognition, or retinal scans) of all kinds are pried open and the pinchers are applies to exposed wires. The unit searches for the information needed and tries to make the security unit think the proper response was used. Failing the roll means the device can't open the lock, but can try again with a higher TN.

Device: Universal Lockpick
Frame: 2
Agility: 5d12 Nimbleness & Deftness
Brains: 1d4 rating, Lockpick 5d12
Commo: Direct link data exchange, small monitor
Sensor: 5d8 rating audio pointblank
Extras: 20-point powerpack
Drain: 6/hour
Available Slots: ,4
Stability: 20
   Chemical: None
   Electrical: 14
   Mechanical: 7
   Structural: 5

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