Junker Spiritual Battlesuit
    The Infantry Battlesuit is by-and-far the best in normally made armor, but of course Junkers arenít satisfied by the same-old-thing. "Bigger and better" is their motto. So in a fitting form here is a suit made in much the same way as its normal counter part. The suit is a woven mesh of cloth and Ghost Steel, with several plates of Ghost Steel in key areas. The look of the suit is up to the Junker making it but the guy who showed it to me made it look like a bright yellow leisure suit (no starch needed for those lapels). Of course if you find the right Junker they can make one that protects from supernatural attacks.

Device: Junker Spiritual Battlesuit
Frame: 6
Armor: 6
Spirit Weapon: Augments the Armor
Extras: None
Drain: None
Available Slots: 0
Stability: 18
   Chemical: 7
   Electrical: 13
   Mechanical: 13
   Structural: 24
Minor Side Effect: -1 step to Nimbleness and Deftness

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