While a car can be nice there are times when there are no roads and you need to get from Point A to Point B with your gear and the only way there is to walk. Backpacks help the situation and horses are better but a Junker would rather have something that needs less of what he needs and doesn't leave a mess in it's wake. It's meant to move on it's own or just follow with a command from the owner. While it is able to carry out verbal commands it doesn't have the cognitive abilities to perform independent or overly complicated commands.

Device: Carry-All
Frame: 7
Agility: 3d8
Armor: 2
Brains: 3d8; Slug Port; 2 Storage; 3Programs; Drivin’ Skill-3
Locomotion: Tracked (+2 Handling, 12 Load Limit, Climb 30º grade, Top Speed 35 MPH, 65 MPG)
Sensor: Passive Sight & Hearing; 500 yards; All-around Scan
Extras: Tiny Screen, Power Jack, 5 Power Pack (90 G-Rays), 2 gallon Gas Tank
Drain: 9\hour (2 –Agility, Brains & Sensor, 1\Tiny Screen)
Available Slots: 25.12
Stability: 18
   Chemical: 5
   Electrical: 17
   Mechanical: 16
   Structural: 30

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This site is a Deadlands: Hell on Earth fan site. Deadlands is the property of the Pinnacle Entertainment Group and Hell on Earth is a post apocalyptic, alternate history setting. I use both the "Classic" rules and well as the Savage rules for this site (sorry no D20...yet). By default the rules for everything are "Classic" but by clicking on "Smiling Jack" (the Savage Worlds' logo) at the bottom of the navigation pannel you can change (almost) all the rules information to Savage Worlds. Have fun, enjoy and please let me know what you think or if there are any problems, questions or you would like to submit something/content.

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