Ezekeal Rycar

     Born and raised in the privileged hights of Boston. He knew from an early age that he was a leader and a charismatic speaker. He decided, in his late teens, that the Church called to him, but his faith was shaky and he had a powerful thirst for the ladies. He entered the priesthood and took the job of roaming missionary speaking the word of God to the masses in rural areas that didn't have a priest. When the bombs came he was just out side a city and looked upon the might of the Skull-shaped Mushroom Cloud. He was trapped in the church when the shock wave collapsed it. When he emerged he found his way to the city to find a raging Ghost-Storm and that he was in the path of Death himself. As the ride marched his horse through the rubble Rycar felt his life draining from his body, but to his surprise he didn't die. The explosion of gas can thrown at him by a farmer interrupted Death. When he looked back to Rycar, he looked quite dead and so Death walked on. When Rycar awoke again he found the radiation had altered his body beyond recognition. His skin was now made of glowing green scales and a third eye grew in his forehead reflecting the Skull-shaped Mushroom Cloud in it as well as his other eyes.
     He wandered the wastes not knowing what to do. His faith was gone (what little there was) and he was a mutant. No one wanted him in his town and some even beat him for the way he looked. He heard of Vegas and that mutants where welcome there. Before long he not only found Vegas but learned about the Glow. He realized that the Glow must have saved him from Death, and so he detected his new life to it. He learned quickly the power of the Glow & Doomsayers and took to a young Doomsayer. She was already a powerful Doomsayer by that point so Rycar worked his way to learn at her feet. She showed no sign of affection for him but never let any sign of the attention being unwanted.
     After Silas walked the Doomsayers against Virginia City, the object of Rycar's affection lead a revolt (if you haven't guest, the woman is Joan). Rycar followed her but not for the reasons one might think. He felt just as she did and had she not lead the revolt, he would have asked her to leave with him to never return. Now he works to inform the world of the word of the Glow and stop Silas and the Doombringers. Sense then Rycar has seen Joan once. They remain good friends but he knows nothing will ever happen. Decides the Glow she is his only love, and it is his greatest pain..

     Note: Rycar was part of my first Hell on Earth group "The Unity Bunch." To learn more about the Unity Bunch click here for theMarshal Page and hit the link "Unity or Bust".

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