The Reaper Man

     This is from the collective stories of travelers and messages sent to James Fuzzy.

     The gentlemen know as The Reaper has been reported to exist as far back as 1891. The first reporting was by a Sheriff of a small town in Arizona near the Grand Canyon. According to he Sheriff, he road up and saw this unarmed black man tear apart a group of outlaws and "pulled their souls out of their chests." When the strange man saw the Law Man he turned and walked a way as if saying 'I don't care about you.' Sense then he's been reported through out the Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada deserts killing outlaws. This would be a good thing was it not for the fact that innocent people and law enforcement officers have been killed by him when they tried to take his prey in custody or stop him.
     It's been said that when the Reaper man kills a victim he takes their souls and places them in a saddle bag he carries with him at all times. No one knows what he does with them after that but the general feeling is it ain't good. According to the numerous accounts of sitings there is a very good description of the man.
     He's a large (6' 3", 230lb. of pure muscle) dark black man in his mid 40's. His goatee is the only hair on his head. The years of being in the sun have marked his face and scared him severely. His eyes are kept hidden behind black tented, wire rimmed glasses. He dresses in a banded collar dress shirt, a fancy vest (with a pocket watch chain connected to the right pocket), leather trench (with a hood that he wears only on a rare occasion), jeans, alligator skin cowboy boots and a pair of rough work gloves, all of which are black. He has a black leather gun-belt with a steel skull buckle the size of your fist and a bolo hat with a black ban around it with a square piece of white cloth at its center that makes it look like a priest's collar. The tips of his boots have sharp silver points and he wears a pair of silver spurs with them. Slung over one shoulder is a black leather satchel.

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