Random Encounter Tables Web Master's Note: This was floating around the old listserver for Deadlands, and when a discution at the PEG forums came up about random encounters I had to post this up. It is only edited for looks, the contents are as they where. But because I can't leave a table alone, I created a php based generator. Enjoy.

Random Encounter Tables (by Region)

     Based on the Fear Level table below, roll one die of the appropriate type to determine if you draw a card for an encounter. The time column tells you how often to roll.

Fear Level
Die Type
Encounter Numbers
1/12 HOURS

NPC ACTIONS: If the encounter is a wild animal, it won't attack unless provoked or hungry. For anything else, roll 1d10:
1-2: Moving
3-4: Camping/Resting. If this is people, they will have guards out.
5-6: Scavenging/Hunting
7-8: Under attack by...... Draw another card
9-10: Attacking.... Draw another card

NPC REACTIONS: Once PCs get close enough to I.D., roll for NPC reactions
1-2: Open: unless threatened, will trade talk
3-4: Cautious: Until I.D.'ed, PCs are made to wait. IF they prove not to be hostile, then trade/talk can start.
5-6: Indifferent: As long as PCs don't start anything, the group won't attack
7-9: Suspicious: PCs have to talk fast or get fired upon.
10: Hostile: Attack on sight.
Note: Entries with an asterisk (*) denote a description found at either http://mscof.home.texas (which sadly is gone, but thanks to the Wayback Machine it was arcived here) or

2: Dead Town: Heroes come across a settlement where everyone is dead. A
Fair (5) medicine:any roll lets them know that the bodies have been drained completely of blood. The weird thing is that none of them have bite marks on them, just
hundreds of tiny holes.
3: Infiltrator Hound (M3): Tries to infiltrate the posse and if discovered 1-2: detonates, 3-4: attacks, 5-6: runs away.
4: Combine Cyborg: Roll 1d6 for type 1-3 Drone 4 Heavy 5 Light 6 Infiltrator
5: Walkin' Dead: CPS (Character Party Strength) x 1d6 attack when posse stops or slows down.
6: Sand Spiders: 2d10 of them. +2 to Reaction roll. 1d8 captives with them.
7: Mind Biter: Attacks any syker first then concentrates on the rest of the posse.
8: Anti-Templar and his Warband: AT plus 1d20 Raiders armed with hunting rifles and crossbows.
9: Road Vigilante: In an old police sedan with a .50 MG.
10: Beaded Horrors: 1d4+1 Horrors in a pack. If heroes are using any guns or gunpowder, the horrors attack.
J: Texas Razor: Attacks on sight even if posse is in a vehicle.
Q: Survivor Settlement
K:Automaton: 1-2 Searching 3-4 Scrounging 5-6 on trail of target.
A: Lone Biker O' the Apocalypse: Ignores PCs unless they try to stop him.

2: Bone Bots: If heroes are in a vehicle and moving, they are ignored. If not, they are attacked by a swarm.
3: Creepin' Gulch
4: Head Case: 1-5 Demands the posse help him 6 Ignores them
5: Plague Zombies: CPS x 1d4 attack the posse.
6: OPEC truck: Tanker truck with 1d6 outriders 1-5: Empty and headed for home 6: Full and headed for Denver.
7: Courier: 1-3 Postman 4-6 Motorcycle Courier
8: Muties: 1-5 Just muties 6 Trogs
9: Plague Zombies: In TX, roll CPS x 1d10. Otherwise, CPS x 1d4
10: Tin Man: 1-5 Ignores PCs 6 Attacks for "parts"
J: Charnel Hounds: Unless party has Harrowed or has "cheated death", they will be ignored
Q: Fizzers: 2d6 in a pack. Unless party attacks first or has Bubbly-Fizz, they won't be bothered.
K: Raptor: 1-3 Long Range Recon 4-6 " Liberating" a settlement 7-10 Attacking targets at random
A: Rattler: In AZ and NM only. Otherwise, draw again. 1-9 Normal rattler 10 Rattler "King"
2: Trade Caravan: 2d6 vehicles(1-3 wagons 4-6 cars). 3 people per vehicle. Randomly armed. Cargo: 1-2 Food/Water 3-4 Salvage 5-6 Clothing 7 Weapons 8 Ammo 9 Tools 10 Random
3: Black Rain
4: Convoy Scout: -1 to Reaction if posse acts friendly or is know to the Convoy.
5: Desert Gator: 1-3 Full and sunning itself 4-10 Attacks
6: Raiders: 1 roll each on Armor, HTH and Random Tables (John Goff's tables available at www.darious.com)
7: Survivor Settlement
8: Creepin' Crud
9: Road Gator*
10: Stickies: CPS x 1d6 in a pack*
J: Brain Buzzard: Old Confed Interstate 40 only. Attacks on sight.
Q: Black Hat Patrol: 1d20 + 5 members. Platoon has Rocket Launcher with 1d6-1 rounds, HI SAW with 1d4-1 reloads, 1 slave for every 3 BHs, 1 vehicle for every 5 BHs.
K: Vehicle Random Encounter
A: Survivors: CPS +2. Randomly armed
2: Duststorm
3: Veteran Walkin' Dead: CPS x 1d4 armed with 1-2 NA 3-5 SA 6-10 Lat Am Random weapons. 1-5 Wandering around 6-10 Set up behind cover
4: Night Stlaker
5: Drone: Doesn't know the War ended so roll for ROE and apply them.
6: Doomsayer with missionary group: Has CPS x 1d10 Grundies, Vengants, and Trogs with them. Roll 1d10 and on a 10, this Doomie is a Doombringer.
7: Explodjinn: sealed in 1-2 wrecked vehicle 3-4 coffee can 5-6 lamp 7-8 biological container 9-10 Released and killing off previous owner.
8: Tumblebleeds: CPS x 1d4
9: Corrupted: 1 War 2 Famine 3 Pestilence 4 Death. Attacks on sight*
10: Road Gang 1 Dust Devils 2-10 Other. If Dust Devils they attack on sight with CPS x 5 vehicles. If other, they have 1d20 random vehicles.
J: Burnt Out Settlement: Settlement that has been annihilated.
Q: Doombringer
K: Perros del Muerta*
A: Bloatbellies: CPS x 1d10 in a pack

Black Joker: Hellstorm Red Joker: Heroic Party: 1-3 Famous hero 4-6 Posse of 1d8 heroes

2: CHiPs
3: Road Gang
4-5: Earthquake: 1d10 minutes duration. -8 to all drivin' rolls. Nimbleness(7) to stand, (9) to walk, (11) to run/fight. If Pcs are in a settlement, 1d4 buildings collapse. PCs caught in collapsing building must make a Dodge(11) or take 6d12 massive damage.
6: Duststorm
7: Rockslide
8: Radstorm
9: Walkin' Dead
10: Survivor Settlement
J: Black Hat Patrol
Q: Doombringer w/ missionary group
K: Savage raiding party: 3d6 savages armed with bows and primitive weapons
A: Miners: CPS people in a beat-up vehicle headed for the Maze to look for the Black Mesa.

2: Tainted Junker
3: Wormling Lair: 3d10 Wormlings plus Queen Mama.
4: Survivors
5: Road Gang
6: Mojave Rattler
7: Insect Shaman
8: Scavs
9: 'Bangers
10: Fisherman
J: Wako
Q: Veteran Walkin' Dead: 2d10 + 5. Armed with assault rifles, 2 have SAWs, one has a rocket launcher and all have Kevlar vest and helmets. They are set up behind cover.
K: Ghostrock Wraith
A: Turtle Isle is near the coast and PCs can board it.

2: Combine Cyborg
3: Faminites: CPS x 2d10
4: Raptor
5: Automaton
6: Bloodwave
7: Waterspout
8: Croakers: CPS pllus a shaman and 1d4 Shraks
9: Soul Storm
10: Bloats: CPS x 1d6
J: Salamander attacks posse vehicle
Q: Trade Caravan
K: Maze Dragon
A: Ningyo Pod

2: Survivor Settlement
3: Faminites
4: Road Gang
5: Trade Caravan
6: Green Leaper
7: Maze Ant
8: Wall Crawler
9: Cliff Diver
10: Cryotes
J: Rubber Chicken Men
Q: Croaker Hybrids
K: Black Hat Patrol
A: Corrupted of Famine*

2: Walkin' Dead: CPS x 1d6 armed with knives and clubs. 1 in 5 has a 10mm pistol. If within 50 miles of the Mason-Dixon Wall, these are veterans with infantry battlesuits, assault rifles and grenades. 1 in 5 will have a SAW, RL, GL or Flamer.
3: Utah Rattler: Draw a card per RW to see if Posse is lunch.
4: Road Gang Tollbooth: Blocked the road with a wrecked oversize and is demanding 1d6 x 100 in trade or widgets. If killed they have 1d6 x $5 in widgets.
5: Sky Raider II
6-10: Doomsayer missionary party
J: Survivor Settlement
Q: Camoflauged Black Hat Patrol: Smarts (9) to recognize HI weapons.
K: Sky Pirates: 1d10 light planes dukin' it out with a Raptor.
A: Wormlings
2: Duststorm
3: Armored Walkin' Dead: 1-2 veteran walkin' dead in power armor.
4: Road Gang
5: Junker
6: Trade Caravan
7: Faminite Horde: CPS x 2d6 faminites
8: Radiers: CPS x 2 armed randomly
9: Survivors
10: The Convoy: This is the actual Convoy if it's the appropriate month and place. Otherwise this is a single delivery truck.
J: Automaton
Q: Dust Devil
K: Gallos Terrible
A: Desert Gator

2-3: Road Gang
4-9: Trade Caravan
10: Dust Devils Road Gang
J: Nowhere Man
Q: Queens of the Road
K: Omega Knights
A: BH Patrol disguised as a trade caravan.
2: Road Gang
3: AntiTemplar w/warband
4: Firebringer
5: Combine infiltrator cyborg
6: Black Hat patrol
7: Bone bot swarm
8: Wild Animals
9: Survivor Settlement
10: Rust Mites
J: Dust Storm
Q: Battlefield
K: Hero Posse
A: Muties

2: Black Hat Patrol
3: Neo-Luddites
4: Indian War Party
5: Dogs O' War
6: Bloodwolf
7: Gore Storm
8: Wormlings
9: Walkin' Dead
10: Road Gang
J: Trade Caravan
Q: Tribute Caravan
K: Raptor
A: Combine Cyborg
2: Antitemplar with warband
3: Survivor Settlement
4: Vehicle Random Encounter
5: Plague Dogs
6: Corrupted
7: Devil Bat
8: Stormcrows
9: Faminites: CPS x 3
10: Bloatbellies: Pack of 1d20 +10
J: Charnel Hounds
Q: Rust Mites
K: Creepin' Gulch
A: Discord Bug

2: Vehicle Random Encounter
3: Raiders
4: Immortals Patrol
5: Wild Animals
6: Chain Dogs
7: The Convoy
8: Muties
9: Tribute Caravan
10: Survivors
J: Cyborg
Q: Tin Man
K: Rattler(MT, WY, or CO only)
A: Veteran Walkin' Dead
2: Perros Del Muertas*
3: Irregular Patrol
4: Walkin' Dead
5: Plague Zombies
6: Corrupter Spook
7: Insect Shaman
8: Doomsayer
9: Wormlings
10: Wild Animals
J: Mind Biter
Q: Battlefield (see Special Table)
K: Automaton
A: Medusa Cyborg

Special Battlefield Table
Scroungin' (7)
1-2: Fatigues
3-4: Web gear
5: Land Warrior
6-7: Assault Rifle
8: Grenades
9-10: Medboard/ Medchip
11: Power Armor
12: Vehicle (1-3 Humvee 4-6 Hover jeep 7-Tank 8-AA Unit 9-APC 10-Artillery)

2: Spotted Owls
3: Wild Animals
4: Giant Insects
5: Black Hat Patrol
6: Earther Booby Trap (4d10 BR 5)
7: Wrecking Crew
8: Raiders
9: Walkin' Dead
10: Wolflings
J: Templar
Q: AntiTemplar
K: Wendigo
A: Followers (I-90 only)

2: Faminites: CPS x 3
3: Survivors
4: Automaton
5: Cyborg
6: Ash Storm
7: Muties
8: Doomsayer
9: Hekant
10: Night Stalker
J: Trogs
Q: Raiders
K: Road Gang
A: Trade Caravan
2: Hounds of Want*
3: Road Gator*
4: Overgrown Settlement
5: Scrawler
6: Corrupted*
7: Survivor Settlement
8: The Convoy
9: Creepin' Gulch
10: Discord Bug
J: Burnt Out Settlement
Q: Walkin' Dead
K: Ronin (within 50 miles of Portland only)
A: Vic landing his plane on a stretch of highway

2: Perros Del Muertas*
3: Walkin' Dead
4: Corrupted O' Death*
5: Raiders
6: Willow Wight
7: CFD patrol(Citizens For Decency: 1d10 rednecks in pickups)
8: River Worms
9: Survivors
10: The Convoy
J: Automaton
Q: Wild Animals
K: Muties
A: Road Gator
2: Plague Dogs*
3: Plague Zombies
4: Trade Caravan
5: Black Hat Patrol
6: Mainliners (within 50 miles of bigger cities)
7: Road Vigilante
8: Bloats (only near water)
9: Neo-Luddites
10: Predatoris
J: Muties
Q: Voracipede
K: Texas Razor
A: Corrupted O' Pestilence*

2: Hounds of Want*
3: Wild Animals
4: Urban Wyrm
5: Survivor Settlement
6: Black Hat Patrol
7: Cyborg
8: CFD
9: River Rats (only near/on Mississippi River)
10: Spider Heads
J: Overgrown Settlement
Q: Battlefield
K: Doomsayer
A: Corrupted O' Famine*
2: Survivors
3: Hostile Muties (per Spirit Warriors)
4: Raptor
5: Veteran Walkin' Dead
6: Dogs O' War *
7: Vampires
8: Battlefield
9: The Convoy
10: Fate Eater
J: Thunder Spawn
Q: Werewolf
K: Veteran Walkin' Dead
A: Corrupted O' War *

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