Press Your Luck

Owner: Scott Hacker
Trait: Spirit
Duration: 1 action
Range: Self
     There are times in life when a man needs all the luck he can get. It's in those situations where this trick is a blessing. It allows a huckster to get an "advance" on their future luck. When this trick is cast, the huckster gets a +2 to his next roll, or a -2 to an opponent's next roll. However, this stroke of luck is not free; the huckster has to pay it back in the future... with interest. The marshal may apply 4 points of negative modifiers to future actions the huckster takes, in any combination. For example, he may apply a -1 to four different rolls, a -2 to two of them, or a -4 to one roll. Also, a huckster who casts Press Your Luck may not cast it again until all the negative modifiers have been applied.
     There's a limit to the amount of credit the spirit world will extend you...

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