Green Thumb

Owner: me
TN: 5
Speed: 1 hour
Duration: Permanent
Range: 1 foot diameter/Faith
     For centuries the progression of knowledge was the purview of the church. Some like Johann Gregor Mendel made real discoveries. His interest would later be known as botany. While his research has been reproduced and proven, the powers that be govern all life, even plant life.
     The blessed spends an hour tending to and preying over the plant it hopes to invoke this miracle on. Upon successfully invoking this miracle the blessed can apply one effect, plus one for each raise, to a number of plants. The number of plants and types donít matter as long as they can fully fit into and area effected. This means large trees cannot benefit from this miracle.
     The blessed can coax a plant that bears fruit, drupes or vegetables to produce a crop early. The plants will produce enough food to feed one person per level of the blessed Faith for a day. This can be doubled (or even tripled) by applying more raises.
     Should the plants have expired, the blessed can bring them back to full health. The plants return to their full color and even bloom no matter the season.
     Another way a blessed can coax the plants to grow more quickly. The plant seems to grow a weeks worth of growth in a few hours. While this can effect the plants size, it doesnít bear fruit, thatís covered earlier.

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