Delaying the Inevitable

Owner: Scott Hacker
Trait: Smart
Hand: Pair
Speed: 1
Duration: 1 use of gizmo, plus 1 per hand above minimum
Range: Touch
     It's an unfortunate fact that all Mad Science gizmos eventually malfunction. It's equally true that such malfunctions often happen at the worst possible moment. While there's little a huckster can do about such malfunctions in the long run, he can delay them in the short term with this hex. Needless to say, this hex is very popular amongst metal mages...
Delaying the Inevitable allows a huckster to temporarily remove all chance of malfunction from a gizmo. The huckster simply casts the hex, then touches the gizmo he wants to immunize.
     A gizmo enchanted in this way does not make a malfunction check the next time it is used. Each hand above the minimum gives the gizmo an additional malfunction-free use. Unfortunately, once the hex ends, the gizmo becomes more likely to malfunction than before. For each free use the gizmo received, it's Reliability is reduced by 2. This loss of Reliability remains until the gizmo next malfunctions. In addition, gizmo that have been subjected to this hex are much more likely to suffer catastrophic malfunctions when they do break down. When the gizmo next breaks down, the marshal rolls an extra d6 on the malfunction roll for each time the hex has been cast on the gizmo since it's last malfunction. He then takes the two highest dice to determine the malfunction.
     Can you say KA-BOOM!?

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