Black Ice

Owner: Scott Hacker
Trait: Knowledge
Hand: Pair
Speed: 1 minute
Duration: 1 day/ hexslingin' level
Range: Touch
     This particularly sinister hex allows a huckster to kill with a shard of ice cold hate.
     In order to cast the hex, a huckster needs a large icicle, about a foot long. When the hex is cast, this icicle fills with supernatural hate and evil from the Hunting Grounds, turning it jet black with streaks of white throughout. For the duration of the hex, the icicle does not melt, and is lukewarm to the touch. It also becomes as hard as ghost steel and sharpens to a deadly point.
     This icicle o' doom is a very potent weapon. It deals STR+1d8 AP4 damage, with an additional 1d8 for every hand above the minimum, up to 8d8. Also, the icicle always seeks out the heart of it's victim; the huckster may add or subtract 5 from the hit location roll, but only to hit the gizzards. The damage that Black Ice deals is not it's worst feature though; it also strikes the target's very soul, weakening his body and will. For each wound inflicted by Black Ice, the target's Spirit and Vigor die types drop by one, to a minimum of 1d4. These lost levels both recover at a rate of 1 die type per day. Finally, if the icicle deals a fatal wound, the hex ends and the icicle melts into a greasy black puddle which quickly evaporates, leaving no evidence behind.
     There are few things to note about this hex. Firstly, black stains appear on the hands of any huckster that casts this spell, similar to ghost rock stains, and equally difficult to remove. Second, this hex is very draining to cast; the caster loses 2d6 wind, which does not recover until the hex ends. Finally, the icicle is useless against any target that lacks either a heart or a soul.

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