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Fat Chance

So what does a massive blob of a fake priest do for fun? Well is seems sending zombies into the ocean...

So it seems the 'Bishop' has been sending his faminites into the Maze and sending them north. Sitings have been made as far north as Shan Fran. The hungry masses march out of the sea and have been wreaking havoc on docks.

Shipments to and from these sea-side settlements have had to rely more and more on land based transport of goods. The Firemen have tried to make a dent in the attacks, but they can only kill what is not under water...

Why is he doing this? Besides the fact that some settlements rely on the shipments, he's a nutball bag of maggots and lard. Are you really going to ask why someone like him (even though that is thankfully not an option) what he's thinking?

Tell I know more, Fuzzy.

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Some's Going to Pay

Survivors on the border of the Sioux Nation report that someone has been heading in and out several time over the last few months. Who ever they are, they drive in with a massive flatbed truck and then back out filled with junk.

The survivors who have seen this garbage-man tracked him for a short time, but he (or she) loses them somewhere near the Colorado border. That scares me. If this is a Combine action, how do they get around the anti-tech thingy? The Combine never have had much access to supernatural people, so it has to be an out side source right?

Well regardless of the source, this brainer has been hulling massive amounts of equipment. Tanks, cars and other heavy junk has been moved by this joker.

Someone has to find out what is going on. The last thing we need is some yahoo resupplying the Combine this quick after the battle. I mean I know they would come calling again, but if they are being resupplied, it may be sooner than we can bounce back!

Tell I know more, Fuzzy.
We Won

Well it’s been a while since I (or anyone else) has been on the grid, but the Combine came calling and we kicked some booty! Seems that little toy Hellstromme left and good ‘ol Doc Schwartz set off did some damage, not just to the Combine, but to the net we set up as well. Had someone warned us, or even implemented a blackout or something(!) the loss of data wouldn’t have been so massive. I mean come on! I lost the last week of coding for my new…servant bot? Never the less we are back up.

So far as I can tell we lost several real heroes. We have all seen the signs and memorials for those that died, but there is a couple of fellas I haven’t heard from. I know Wolfe and Lawton where both in the thick of it. I got a data burst from their vehicle just before it went off line. Acording to the log, they took some massive hits and where on a heading that would have taken them to the 470 border!

To top things off, when the two came to me with headbanger chips, wanting them disarmed and installed, I added a gps unit to keep tabs on them (they figured it out but didn’t care, after all they made me buckets of widgets and I need to know if my widget train wasn’t coming in). As soon as I got the burst and skimmed the heading I jumped on ComSat to track them and he wasn’t there. Two hours latter I get a message from ComSat with only ‘They are ok and say goodbye’. The pushy tin can will not tell me any more than that! My tracking queries come back with no connection.

I hope they are ok. I’m going to miss them, not just cuz of the money. They where my best source of field info.

Tell I know more, Fuzzy.
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