Blood Nats

From the field report of Frances G. Dolmen of the Explorer Society.
     The Redwood forests of northern California are home to some 100,000 species of insects. On my last excretion to the beautiful place of trees I found that not all the insect life is benign. While deep in the interior I found a nest made of mud grass and what seemed to be blood. After a closer look I determined it was indeed blood. Unfortunately when I got too close a swarm of what appeared to be Nats came out and engulfed me. They would fly in close and land on exposed skin. Once on skin they would leech blood from me without breaking the skin. If I hadn't ran when I did I might not have made it out at all. The doctor that examined me later said I had lost almost two pints of blood, and the Nats had only been around me or on me for no more than a minute or two.

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