Mysterious Past
     Ok, this list is still a little rough and may need some fine-tuning, but here's an expanded list of Mysterious Pasts if you're already bored of the stuff in the main rulebook. Mostly what I've done is split the whole good/bad cards into two specific suits, and added in a lot of Knacks from "The Quick and The Dead." Unfortunately, there aren't as many hindrances to fill out the black cards. However, the old system was a little forgiving on cards that didn't differentiate between red or black... for example, a Six was always good even if it was black, and so on. So I decided not to worry so much about filling things out with hindrances and added more edges. Nasty hindrances are for Veteran of the Wierd West, after all. Anyway, here's the breakdown.

Cursed! Just like in the rulebook, sometimes it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. The character gets the Bad Luck hindrance.
Bastich! You're a bastard, literally. But it's not all bad they say children born out of wedlock have the power to see the unseen. You can spend your fate chips to gain special powers.
White: hero can find an inanimate object he is looking for within 10'.
Red: can find someone or something that's actively trying to hide from him. Lasts for five minutes.
Blue: lets you see invisible or those that can supernaturally blend in with their surroundings. Lasts ten minutes.
Lucky The hero's got the Luck of the Irish in his blood. Also, once per session, he can ignore the results of going bust and reroll the dice.
Double or Nothing Draw twice, partner. The hero has two mysterious pasts, though you may have to redraw for contradictory results.

Enemy Same thing in the rulebook. Somebody's mighty upset at the character.
Connections The hero's got a lot of Friends in Low Places. This doesn't give him much to brag about at parties, but he can add +2 to his Scrounge and Streetwise rolls.
Favor As in the rulebook, somebody owes him a favor. Sort of Friends in High Places, if you will.
Debt The character owes somebody big. This is usually money, but other kinds of debts are possible. The lender has a habit of showing up at the wrong time or sending thugs after the character to try to collect.

Doppleganger (Bad) Like it says in the rulebook. The character is a dead ringer for somebody people don't think too highly of.
Doppleganger (Good) Like above, although this time the resemblance is more flattering.
Earthbond The Sioux say a person with an earth bond is chosen by the nature spirits to protect the physical world. They offer gifts to help the chosen in his task. Should your character fail to protect nature the spirits can revoke his power. The only way to get it back is to go on a quest chosen by the spirits. Note: These powers do not work in cities.
White: gain +2 to Climbing, Survival and Tracking rolls and +4 to sneak rolls. You must spend 1 chip for each roll.
Red: given a few hours and a few acres of wilderness your character can find enough roots and herbs to make a magical poultice. These allow a character with the Medicine: general skill to heal wounds that would normally take the surgery concentration.
Blue: your hero can actually talk to animals, and they even talk back. No one else can understand them but the hero, thought. You can ask simple questions but can not order them. She might convince them to do her a favor though. This lasts for one encounter with an animal, up to one day long.
Hardy Boy Your character has been one of those few people sense birth. He gets the Hardy Edge for free.

Loyal He's got a strong loyalty to a particular group, be it his friends, his state, the North/South, or his people.
Kin As in the rulebook, the hero's family has a habit of sticking their noses into his business. This can be either good or bad, but he can always depend on his family to help him out in a pinch.
Sidekick Well, at least the hero's work doesn't go unappreciated. He's picked up a sidekick that likes to follow him around and lend him a hand when he gets into trouble, or get him into trouble if he can't find any.
Betrayed! Somebody doublecrossed the hero in a big way, and he's never forgiven them since. He's now intolerant and distrustful of whoever stabbed him in the back, or anyone who works with or reminds him of them. Pick a group like the Sykers, Law Dogs, Librarians, Junkers, etc., and put them on his list of folks to get even with.

Honest The character has a real tough time pullin' the wool over people's eyes, something always seems to give him away. On the other hand, most people seem to know when he's telling the truth. Like the Lyin' Eyes hindrance, he gets a -4 to his bluff rolls. But he also has an honest voice and gets a +2 to his persuasion rolls when trying to tell the truth.
Keen The hero doesn't miss much. Add +2 to his Cognition rolls as described under the Keen edge.
Sixth Sense Just like in the rulebook, he's got an uncanny ability to sense danger.
Old Injury The character has an old injury or war wound that flares up every once in a while and makes life uncomfortable. Whenever he draws the black joker on a quickness roll, his injury flares up and he's got the Slowpoke hindrance for the rest of the day.

Brave Some people just don't have the good sense to turn tail and run when things start to get ugly. The hero is one of these people, and adds +2 to his guts checks. This isn't always a good thing, however... he's got to make an Onerous (7) spirit roll to turn down a challenge, back out of a fight, or willingly run from danger.
Born on Christmas Your character was also born with a supernatural knowledge of sorts. Those who are born on Christmas are particularly resistant to the supernatural. People who are born on Christmas may only take the Arcane Background: Templar.
White: Against any type of damage causing effect, a white chip provides one point of armor. Against a resisted spell effect, the character adds +2 to his roll.
Red: As above but give 2 points of armor and +4 to rolls. A red chip is not cumulative with a white chip.
Blue: Spending a blue fat chip automatically allows the character to cause a spell effect to fizzle. The caster still has to spend the strain and make the rolls but the effect is negated.
Seventh Son/Daughter Your character is fated for greatness. Your hero has the unique ability to control Fate. Anytime someone spends a Fate Chip in his presence (usually within sight), you can discard a like-colored chip to stop its effect.
Blackouts There's a lot of things the character doesn't remember, just like it says in the rulebook.

Light Sleeper He wakes up easily, and has the Light Sleeper edge.
Born On All Hallow's Eve They say that the king of Halloween favors the children born on his feast day with a greater understanding of the arcane world.
White: Your character can sense magical or other supernatural energy within 50 ft. (This includes Rad-Mage powers)
Red: You can sense magic as above and have some idea to its purpose.
Blue: When your character goes to use an arcane power, he can spend a Blue chip to re-roll a failed roll.
Ancient Pact Somebody in the character's family made a deal with the spirits way back when. He gets a Harrowed power at level 1, like in the rulebook.
Liquor Is Quicker The character has a problem holding his liquor. He gets drunk in half the time it takes a normal person, and the effects of alcohol are twice as strong on him. Once he's seriously pickled, he has a habit of getting belligerant, acting silly, becoming violent, or other unpredictable behavior. This isn't the same as a Hankerin', but a combination of the two could mean some serious trouble!

Blue Veil When you were born part of your momma's insides were rapped around your head. This is said to give the baby the power of foresight.
White: your character can never be surprised as long he has one white fate chip. If you ever fail a surprise check just toss in the chip and grin like a gator, you automatically pass.
Red: Only one red chip can be spent per session. When you spend one the Marshal must describe a vision your character has in a dream. Inside the vision is an enigmatic clue that might help your hero survive the next encounter.
Blue: Same as red but when a blue chip is spent the vision is much more powerful.
Arcane Background Just like in the rulebook, the character has an Arcane Background they may not know about.
Nine Lives You’ve heard the tale that cats sneak into children's beds and steal their breaths? Truth is, some do. But if the child is lucky the cat leaves something in its place. Reduce your Wind by four points but you gain the powers listed below.
White: your character automatically lands on his feet after a fall. In addition your character can fall up to ten yards and take no damage.
Red: You can see in the darkness as long is there is some light. The range is the same as your normal vision and lasts for ten minutes.
Blue: Whenever you spend a blue fate chip you automatically negate all the damage you have taken in one round. As you can probably guess you can only use this power nine times, so use it wisely cat boy.
Allergy The character is allergic to something common enough to be a genuine nuisance, like horses, animal fur, down pillows, alcohol, or smoke. Whenever he's around it, he has a -2 on all his rolls. If he's unlucky enough to ingest it, he gets this penalty until its out of his system.

Short Fuse The character is awfully sensitive about one of his shortcomings, be it his height, his voice, his weight, or whatever. He loses his temper at the drop of a hat, and has a -4 penalty to his roll whenever someone is ridiculing him.
Breech Birth You just didn't come out right. You were born showing off the continental divide. On the plus side your are said to have been born with the power to heal.
White: the healer can remove five points of his own or a companion's Wind in one action just by touching.
Red: your hero's gift allows him to speed up natural healing. Whenever he spends a red chip anyone about to make a natural healing roll automatically succeeds.
Blue: healing wounds an hour after they were received usually lets a sawbones remove one level of wounds per area. If your character makes his medicine roll, he heals two levels of wounds.
Favor The character has the debt of someone like in the book.
Direction Sense The hero never gets lost, and has the direction Sense edge.

Haunted (Bad) As in the rulebook, the character has a malevolent spirit making his life difficult.
Haunted (Good) Like above, but this one's looking out for the character and trying to make his life easier.
Kemosabe The hero has spent a lot of time learning and living in another culture. He gets a 2-point Kemosabe edge.
Minor Phobia Something scares the willies out of the hero. He's got a minor phobia of something, be it heights, spiders, fire, darkness, or thunderstorms.

Animal Hatred The hero and animals don't get along, like in the rulebook.
Animal Ken The opposite of above, critters have a natural fondness for the hero.
Blood Moon The red moon learned in the sky the night your character was born. Because of this he has a wild and feral side. You automatically get the all thumbs hindrance. The following powers will work on one large animal, a half dozen small animals or one dozen smaller critters. The powers will not work on creatures of the Reckoners.
White: you can get some idea of what a critter within 10 ft is thinking or feeling.
Red: spending a red chip will calm the critter. It will not attack unless provoked or it has some other more important reason.
Blue: you can ask the critter a simple question. If it can help and it doesn't have some more immediate and pressing need, it will. If it doesn't know how to help, it'll at least give you a kind look before it eats you.
Man's Best Friend Your character has got himself a little playmate in the form of a dog (or other animal). This critter's loyal as can be, but won't lay down his life unless there was no other way to save you. He would do anything for you, but would you do anything for him? The animal can be made using the rules in Quick & the Dead.

Relic (Bad) He's got a relic, but it's cursed and only seems to get him into trouble.
Relic (Good) As above, but no nasty curses.
Level-Headed He's got a good melon on his shoulders, and can think clearly even in a crisis. He's got the Level-Headed edge.
On A Pale Horse People have a habit of dyin' around the character. Yep, he's a Grim Servant of Death.

Destiny Just like in the book but the Destiny is unknown to the character because it's the Reckoners that have put the character on this path. The Reckoners will send temptations out to the character to do evil acts, drawing him closer to Survitorship. They hope that the character will one day serve them as the last person they put on this path…Dr. Hellstromme.
Destiny Just like in the book the character has some destiny he must for fill.
Nevermore! A raven perched over your window when you were born. This omen is said to show that the child the power of psychometry. Whenever he touches a non-living thing and concentrates really hard he receives a vision or feelings about the things past. But the visions are not always pleasant ones. Anytime the character feels the pain of another person dying have him make a hard (9) vigor roll. If he fails he takes 3d6-wind damage, his vigor is permanently reduced by one step and the character suffers a heart attack. The type of fate chip spent determines how far back the character can see.
White: a day
Red: a year
Blue: centuries
Destiny You and Radiation aren't the best of friends. The character is Rad-Intolerant (at a 2).

Red Harrowed Ok, this is a little different from the book. When you draw a card to see how powerful the Manitou is, draw twice and pick the lowest card.
Black Harrowed As above, but draw twice and pick the highest card.

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