Stuff to Keep the Average Waster Alive

     All prices are in Widgets, of course!

    The Second Cold War before the Big Bang was a time of international fear and dread at the prospect of mutually assured destruction and global annihilation. Common folk around the planet began building bomb shelters and buying survivalist gear. Of course, most wise people realized that to survive the armageddon would be worse than dying in the first bright flashes. Radiation was a recurring theme, one which the manufacturers of radiation protection exploited to the maximum. AntiRads is but one example of the dozens of anti-radiation pills that saturated convenience stores, malls, and even gas stations in the years before the Last War. These pills provide the human body with greater resistance to low-level "background" radiation.
      When one pill is taken, the marshal should roll 1d8-1 to determine how long the pill lasts. Reroll and add aces. If the result is less than 1, the pills are duds and do not work. While a pill is in effect, the character does not need make a radiation Vigor roll (see HoE rulebook, page 103).
      AntiRads are usually found in small cardboard packages of 24. Most have been scavenged in the last 13 years, and are often used as currency. Rumors persist of vast hoards of AntiRads in hidden pharmacies. Due to the fact that most AntiRads are losing their potency, and the efficacy of any given pill is impossible to determine, the cost of these pills is not as high as one would expect. Each pill is worth $10 in barter.
Antiseptic Coagulant Spray
    Nearly every household in the world had a supply of first aid coagulant sprays, and it is still possible to find packages of these helpful little spray cans in homes and apartments. An Antiseptic Coagulant Spray (AC Spray) is a small spray can (1” diameter by 3” tall) which is used to prevent infection in small cuts and abrasions, and also stop minor bleeding. First aid versions of these AC Sprays are of limited use to combat bleeding, but can stop infection and/or poisons.
      Antiseptic ability: whenever an AC Spray is applied to an infected or poisoned wound within one minute of receiving that wound, the subject may make one additional resistance roll.
      Coagulant ability: Bleeding is rated by Wind loss per round (-1 Wind, -2 Wind, -3 Wind). Each AC Spray application will stop one level of bleeding. For example, a character is Critically wounded and bleeding at -2 Wind per round. One application of AC Spray is applied, and the bleeding is reduced to -1 Wind per round.

Household AC Spray ($10)
     Usually packaged in a home first aid kit, these small spray cans were designed for small cuts and abrasions. Each can contains 1/3 application of AC Spray. This is enough to sterilize one light wound. Three of these cans equal one application, and can be used to stop Serious wound bleeding.
Ricky the Clown Fizz Spray ($10)
     This first aid product was marketed towards kids. It fizzles and pops when first applied, and glows in the dark, but otherwise acts just like Household AC Spray.
Medical AC Spray ($100)
     Often found in expensive first aid kits, doctors’ bags, paramedic kits, etc., these AC Sprays are larger (about the size of a can of pop) and more useful than the household versions. Each can contains 20 applications.
    Exploiting the same radiation hysteria as the AntiRads, similar companies produced the Rads B Gone hypodermic needles. This injected fluid was used to eradicate all detrimental effects from low-level radiation exposure. Each hypo contains five doses. Each dose injected into a subject will immediately restore all Wind lost to radiation damage. Rads B Gone hypos are worth $500 each, and weigh 8 ounces.

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