So you want know who I am?
     Well like I said earlier I was a hacker before the Big Bang. For those of you too young to know or remember what a hacker was, here's the simple version. I would brake into computers and play around. I was one of the "Generation Z lay-abouts" as the fogies called us. I cruised though school with my Palmcorder blaring rock n' roll and gave the bird to anyone that got on my case. I didn't care about anything or anyone. Spent more hours on my computer than in the fresh air. My folks had a bomb shelter, that came with the house and I turned into my sanctuary from the world. Food, gadgets and other trappings of youth where strewn about the place, but to me it was heaven.
     I guess you could call me a Hellstromme Army Brat. The house was given to my father sense he was like head of security for the Salt Lake City factories of Hellstromme Industries, Ltd. It allowed him to live on the premises and give the security forces easy access to him. After High School I entered a privet school that Hellstromme set up to train future employees. When they realized my ability with computers I was trained as a programmer. Once I graduated I was sent to Mars to work off the cost of my training (indentured servitude is the term I'd use) on the colony computers. When it was discovered that I was "misappropriating funds" I was sent home for a trial. Lucky me, while the trial was in progress my father pulled some strings to get me house arrest in my folk's house until I was convicted. He saved my life in ways he never though would have been needed (a nod sky ward for you pop, I miss you).
     My folk's house is one of five just under the shield that saved the Junkyards. My family survived the bombs cause of that little fact. My father died fighting off looters and my mother of cancer a year after the bombs. I held onto the house for almost three years until I traded it for electricity going into the bomb shelter where I now live. Old Doc Schwartz took me on as an apprentice. Teaching me everything I needed to know to become a Junker. Sense I learned the abilities of the Junker I've spent my life building devises to trade for food and the equipment to build my dream. A new internet of sorts. This is my first step towards those ends. If you come to the Junkyards look me up and we can do some trade or just talk. But always remember that what you say may end up on this database.

Part of; My Ju Ju's Fan Sites.

This site is a Deadlands: Hell on Earth fan site. Deadlands is the property of the Pinnacle Entertainment Group and Hell on Earth is a post apocalyptic, alternate history setting. I use both the "Classic" rules and well as the Savage rules for this site (sorry no D20...yet). By default the rules for everything are "Classic" but by clicking on "Smiling Jack" (the Savage Worlds' logo) at the bottom of the navigation pannel you can change (almost) all the rules information to Savage Worlds. Have fun, enjoy and please let me know what you think or if there are any problems, questions or you would like to submit something/content.

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