The Reaper Man

     As far as the Reaper-Man's concerned (or can even remember) his life started the day he killed a Reaper. He was born John Tombs but this name is long sense forgotten by him In his eyes there are a group of spirits that pick a host and use them to harvest souls. If one is killed, it's killer becomes a Reaper. And thatís just what happened to him. The way it went down was he and a group of guys went out searching for some weird man seen killing people with a touch. They found the son-of-a-bitch and fought him. This man targeted the John and while locked in a hand-to-hand battle it drained him of life to the point of death. In a stroke of luck the John got one shot strait to the brain-pan of this man point-blank and dropped him like so many potatoes. The unlucky part was one of the dead guy's walkin' dead dropped John with a blow from behind. He died of shock to the system (wasn't hard after what the dead guy did to him) and was buried by the survivors of the battle.
      That's where the Reaper-Man awoke. Starved and confused he wandered around haunted by the memory of what the dead guy did. For almost a year he lived as a savage. No thought, no worries, just feeding and sleeping. The bastard in his head had no problem with this at first cause as it saw it, Reaper would lose his marbles soon and the bosses would be happy. It didn't work quite the way the spirit thought.
     A group of bandits where riding through the desert one night and found that the city law was a nicer group than a single man, a Reaper-Man. They found the Reaper-Man gnawing on the carcass of a dear and smelling worse than the dear. They decided to use him a target practice. Thatís when the Reaper-Man found not only his powers but also his sense of purpose and direction. As soon as the bandits opened fire Reaper sunk into the ground and vanished from sight. Confused and baffled the bandits where caught unaware when Reaper arose behind them. He grabbed the first bandit in front of him and drained the poor sap of his life, the whole time the others riddled him with bullets. Using the now dead man's soul to repair himself, Reaper waded into the others draining those he could and slaughtering the rest.
     When all was said and done, Reaper knew (okay so the right word is thought, but not in his mind) what he was. He had killed the old Reaper and was now the new Reaper. In his travels through the Weird West he wasn't the hero or even a force of good. To him, he was a part of nature and so he had a job to do, but his humanity made him only chose those that he deemed worthy of death of where already dead to steal their souls. Bandits, cutthroats, killers and their like where on his plate for his meals. As he made his way from town to town his story would beat him there. Stories of a stranger that would come into town and most of the outlaws disappearing lightened the hearts of many people and gave them a sense of hope. The problem was that the same breath that praised him would damn him for being a monster that stole people's souls. While this was true, it didn't make much difference to Reaper how people saw him, but it did change how people would react to the strange black man in black entering town. As much as he helped humanity, hurt it with fear. This was his burden to bare. A form of nature is not there to lift the people's spirits, just do what it needs to do, what it is meant to do.
     Several heroes (mostly Rangers) lost their lives when they went after Reaper thinking he was an abomination. While Reaper didn't relish these deaths, he still killed them to save them. He made one restitution to them in that he would not drain them and some time would leave them alive but just enough so that they wouldn't follow him.
     As the world progressed he did not. Always imposing a self-isolation he would wander the desert and places just outside the cities. When prey was scarce he would enter the cities posing as a bounty hunter to make money and to hunt in the city. He was judge, jury and (of course) executioner. Those he judged as beyond redemption or who's crimes where not worthy of death he would return to the custody of the authorities. The story of his presence followed him even in the modern world, even if they would come up after he left a town.
     When the bombs fell he was on the trail of a child molester from Houston hiding in an old ghost town. He found the guy and enacted his justice only to return to Houston to find it a whirling ghost storm. He wandered for some time before he found sings of life. After learning what happened he set out to find others. Within a year he found that although civilization may have been destroyed there where still those out there who deserved a visit from the Reaper. He prowls the waists of the south-west for prey, and god help those he judges worthy as his next meal.
     The few "black out" he has had he doesn't sweat. He sees them as a time when he has to do something he doesn't want to do. The times he found out what he did he ignores a mere gossip like most of the stories about him.

Personality (what personality?);
     Be brief and to the point about everything except what you do. Most won't believe what you are that your not a force of evil so don't give them the chance. He never wavers in his belief that he is one of the Grim Reapers. No one should stop you from doing what's in your nature.

Notes: The Saddle bags he carries is a relic he crated using his Harrowed power Relic and can store the wind he collects with the power Soul Eater for use later. The bag can hold up to 50 points of wind. His fifth level in Soul Eater allows him to "eat" 5 points of wind instead of the pound of meat he needs each day. His sixth level in Dead Reckoning allows him to know that some one is dying soon (with in minutes) anywhere with in a mile. The target must be dying from a aliment or wound, not destined to die (this is a call for the Marshal).

Deftness 3d6
Shootin': Pistol 2

Nimbleness 2d10
Climbin' 1
Drivin': Hoverbike 3
Fightin': Brawlin' 4
Sneak 1

Strength 3d8

Quickness 2d12

Vigor 4d10
Cognition 3d10
Scrutinize 3
Search 2
Trackin' 4

Knowledge 3d12

Academia: Occult 6

Mien 1d8

Overawe 2
Smarts 1d12
Scroungin' 2
Survival: Desert 3

Spirit 4d12
Guts 5
Wind 24
Pace 10
Grit: 3
Size: 7
Edges: Brawny
Veteran of the Weird West [Mad: Believes he's a Grim Reaper]
Hindrances: All Thumbs
Big Britches
Mean as a Rattler
Gear: Ruger Thunderhawk .357 Magnum Automatic
[Shots 8, Speed 1, ROF 1, Damage 3d6, Range 10]
30 (.357) rounds
Bottle of Whiskey
3 lb. of jerky
Bowie Knife [Defense Bonus +1, Speed 1, Damage Str. +1d6]
Spurs [Defense Bonus 0, Speed 1, Damage Str. +1d6]
Pocket Watch w/compass
Harrowed Powers:
Arcane Protection- 3
Burrow- 2
Cat Eyes- 5
Dead Reckoning- 6
Ghost- 3
Relic- 5
Soul Eater- 5
Voice of the Damned- 3
"Your time upon this mortal coil is over and I have come for you."

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