The Pharaoh

Fear Level-6
     Mustafa Kamal/Avatar wasn't the only person from the Egyptian Museum to survive. Well survive may not be the right way to phrase it, but some on else did walk out of the rubble. Frances Burns was a research assistant for one of the archaeologists working on a restoration of one of the sarcophagi. When the bombs fell he was cleaning it out and fell in. He was lucky in a way, he died of suffocation while unconscious. When he awake he found himself trapped and fought to get out of his coffin. Rising from the Sarcophagi snapped his fragile mind. Frances didn't climb out of the rubble months after the bomb, but the Pharaoh Sekhem. Collecting everything he could from the museum he found that he could not only raise the dead but control them as well. The Pharaoh commanded his minions to "rebuild" his temple and pyramid.
     A year ago he realized that this temple (located in the heart of the Ghost-storm) and pyramid (located on the bank of the river) would be finished soon. He made plans on ruling all he can, but for that he needed an army. Sense then he has been raising more and more of the dead to serve him as he conquers the world. He's not far from his goal and in a short time will come across the Mississippi.

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