Blood Nats

The real story!!!

     The Blood Nats are a mutant form of the House Nat. they're attracted to the smell of blood in the open or anything foolish enough to get within three feet of their nests. Once they've gorged themselves on blood they return to the nest and use the regurgitated blood to fortify their nests and return to their prey for more blood. They feed on the blood mixture inside the nest that has fermented and hardened later making the nest grow as the eat the inside and rebuild on the outside. The Nats will not stop this drink and dump until the victim is either more that ten yards away from the nest (the Nats would travel any farther from the nest because it's too far to fly) or bled dry.
     A swarm of about 100 Nats (100 ain't a lot when you think that you need about 20 to fit in a thimble) will attack the posse should they get within three feet, or within ten yards if they have any wounds, of the nest. The Nats will divide evenly (round to the nearest five) between each member of the posse. For every five Nats a character has on them they lose one Wind each round. This Wind is blood and should the character reach half their Wind they are get dizzy and have a -4 to all rolls. If the character loses 3/4 of their Wind they have a -8 to all rolls. Once the character reaches 0 Wind, he/she dies. The only way to survive is to run. You could never kill enough Nats (for each action card the character draws he kills one Nat, no roll needed. If he makes a brawlin' roll the TN is 3 with each raise he kills an extra Nat.).

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