The Waddel Family
     Most of the Waddell Family are just the average greedy aristacrats, but in a family of black hearted opertunist, a few stand out. Most noticably amoung them are Alan Waddell Sr. and his namesake grandson, Alan Waddell III. Some think Alan III was so rotten he killed his mother at child birth on purpose. While in the Wasted West, such things can happen, that was not the case, it was just poor medical care and a bad pregnacy. ---> Extra NPCs <---
Nathan Jorgensen
Charles Strause
Emely Cowan
Carey Gause
Gary Strasser
Melody Hartwell
Renee Reddick
Violet Duso
Isabel Serrato
Vicki Binion
Paula Waddell
Angelica Hoch

Cost Modifiers: [?]
Demographics: Buy: Sell:
Muties: 19 20% General Items: 2 x listed 1-1/4 listed
Doomsayers: 1 1% Food and Drink: as listed 1/2 listed
Junkers: 4 5% Fuel and Power: 1-1/4 listed 3/4 listed
Sykers: 1 1% Medical Items: as listed 1/2 listed
Templars: 0 0% Weapons and Armor Items: 1-1/2 listed as listed
Other Arcane: 0 0% Max Availability: Very Common

Meat 'n beans (price $50.56)
Meat 'n beans 'n rice (price $50.56)
Meat 'n cream corn (price $50.56)
Meat 'n cream spinach (price $50.56)
BBQ Biscuit Pie (price $10)
BLT (price $15)
Beanloaf (price $7.5)
Beans 'n Rice (price $6.25)
Chili (price $10)
Cooked Sausage (price $6.25)
Corn Chowder (price $7.5)
Cowboy Beans (price $10)
Cream Corn (price $6.25)
Cream Spinach (price $6.25)
Dry Sausage (price $8.75)
Dumpling Soup (price $10)
Green Chili (price $15)
Hamburger (price $16.25)
Mayo (price $2.5)
Meatloaf Suprise (the suprise, what is the meat???) (price $10)
Pasta (price $7.5)
Pealoaf (price $8.75)
Plain Mystery Burger (price $2.5)
Plain Peaburger (price $2.5)
Roast Sucking Pig (price $62.5)
Smoked Sausage (price $6.25)
Stew (price $5)
Taco (price $7.5)

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