Unity or Bust

Chapter Two

Lotin and Wolf made their way to the Grand Library to drop off some books they had recovered from the prison just north of Sacramento. The posse decided to cross the mountains and go to Virginia City. As they reached the base of the mountain on the east side they heard the sound of a motorcycle racing towards them. The biker crashed and they went to help, only to find out he was on the run from a group of Combine solders. After a short firefight the posse revived the man and he told them his name (Jim Greer) and about the Combine invading his town. The posse agreed to help and worked their way to the town of Trinity Springs. Using the river and night as cover the trio swam to a sewer opening and made their way into the heart of town by way of the sewer. The first place they went was Greer's house, only to find an ambush. Using their brains they did not enter and chose to go to the school. Lotin, being a military man, thought that that would be the best place to set up a base of operation. He was dead on the money. They entered from the north through a fence and where crossing the playground when the sniper in the church across the street noticed them and opened fire. Lotin took out the sniper with one shot through the sniper's scope (ouch). They trio quickly made their was through the back into the lunch room lead by Lotin Skinwaking as a Black Hat. Between Lotin and Wolf the Black Hats where taken down in short order. The Black Hat Leader made it to the helicopter waiting for him out side with Wolf on his tail. Wolf jumped into the chopper as it took off and was forced out buy came close to taking the leader with him.

Greer told them that the Black Hat where after a Ghost Rock Bomb left on his old base. Grudgingly the posse with Greer in tow went charging full steam to the base. When they arrived the searched the base thoroughly before they entered the drilling site, skirting most of the danger but not all of it. They found the Fatman and struck a deal that if he flew them out they would spare him and help him get out of the Combine. He agreed (I rolled for the chip and it went Bust) and the posse went to the drill site. After making their way down and into the wormholes the winded their way to the main chamber encountering about 4 Wormlings. In the main chamber they rescued Greer's daughter but lost Greer in the process. McMasters set the bomb and the posse ran to the hanger where the fatman was finishing his work on the chopper. With almost no time left they flew ten miles before crashing.

They got their Hum Vee and started back on the road to Virginia City with the Fatman.

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