Unity or Bust

Chapter One

In the late winter of 2094 Major Mat Lotin, formerly of the UN Syker force sent to Faraway, and Thomas Wolf, a Templar, started on a path that would enviably take them to the stars and the ship Lotin had abandoned 13 years ago. The story starts in Shan Fan. Lotin was there looking for provisions as he traveled back to the Grand Library in Sacramento. There he met a man dressed in rags covering him from head to toe. The two bonded quickly and before Lotin was ready to leave they had decided to travel together. Wolf revealed his true identity, as a Templar, and they left for Sacramento.

They arrived to find a large group of mercenaries had gathered to collect a reward for "cleaning out" the city of it's undead population. The posse joined the group to help, but quickly learned that the mercenaries had other plans. After the job was done the mercenaries looted the city as the posse evacuated the people. They stood their ground taking out as many of the mercenaries as they could before being forced out of town. They ran for the only cover they could find as a storm set in. An abandoned prison a few miles out of town seemed their only refuge.

They found that they where not the first to find this place sense the Big Bomb. A bus had gone through the main gates and into the complex inside. The explored the prison for some time and found the bones of a group of green robed Doomsayers and a useless Ghost Rock bomb. After removing the spent irradiated ghost rock the explored the rest of the complex. On their way back to the administration building they were ambushed by a small group of the mercenaries that had followed them. After a short fire fight the mercenaries where attacked by a flesh blob. The posse chased it down before it slipped into an air duct. They tracked down the blob to a water pool in the basement of one of the buildings. Using a drum of salad oil and a grenade they destroyed the creature.

The next day they returned to Sacramento to find the city bare.

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