An Alien Among Us
     Here's a little mini adventure to shake up any Faraway Sykers in your posse.
     Thirteen tears ago bombs dropped from the heavens followed shortly after by spacecraft. Yes folks I'm talking about those warriors from planet Banshee, the Sykers. But of course nothing is ever that simple. We know something came through the Tunnel with the Unity, but it wasn't the only alien object, and no I ain't talking Banshee Stones. Now it's hunting Sykers on Earth.

The Story So Far
     Frank De' Carlo was one of the Screaming Eagles, a UN Syker force sent to take care of those pesky Anouks. He fought hard and was one the few that actually where given metals for his actions. He was on the records (both official and unofficial) for the most rescues of civilian and military people in the Banshee War. Respected by all who came in contact with him, he was well liked.
     He was also known for a bazaar fighting style. It seemed he wasn't "the best of the best" among Sykers. In fact, his abilities were mediocre at best. Instead he relied on his resistance to Syker powers to allow him to get close and kill his targets in hand to hand combat. His favorite weapon was the bayonet, which he used quite often.

Alien Mind
     During the Red River Campaign Frank was on the first team to storm Castle Rock. He was also one of the first to fall to the Skinnies. While charging a Skinny it blasted him ripping open his chest. Frank lay dying at this Anouk's feet barely able to breathe let-a-lone move. Then he came up with a plan to revenge himself on this Skinny. Being one of the few Sykers who had been taught the power Mind Transference, he used the power on the Skinny standing over him ignoring the dying human to kill the rest of the humans. He pulled all his will into accomplishing this feat, but alas something he never expected happened. The strain of the power caused a backlash to his mind and in a flash of physical and mental pain he jolted to his feet and found the Skinny lying seemingly dead at his feet (unfortuattly the "dead" part only lasted a few hours). He quickly found his power had grown expediently and he healed his own wounds (something he could never do before) quickly and easily.
     Anouks fell left and right to his new might. He drew fire from the Anouks allowing others to move in. He retreated when the word came down. While he was not hailed as a hero, not many people where because no one wanted to talk about it, he was patted on the back for his part. Frank with drew from the other choosing to be by himself. When the final orders came to pull out of Banshee he was first onboard and hid in his bunk the whole journey.
     When he touched down in Houston he left without a word west and never spoke to another Syker again.

Who's In Control Here Anyway?
     Frank knew he was in trouble. He hadn't figured out what happened until he got back to the launch pad on Banshee. Somehow the Skinny's mind he tried to crawl inside had imprinted on his, so real, and whole it was the Skinnie. It was back there somewhere, sleeping but it would awaken at some point. What would happen then? Could he fight it and keep control? He couldn't figure out what to do. He couldn't go to anyone in the Screaming Eagles, or the military in general with it. He feared they wouldn't understand, or they may out right kill him. He did what he though was the best thing. He would go and find a place to see if he could get ride of this thing or control it. And that's just what he did. He heard what happened in Lost Angels, once his home, and decided that no one would bother him there.
     For ten years he "went native" and lived the hermit life. Evidently the Skinny inside liked this living natural thing. While Frank could feel it in his head it never challenged his control. Eventually he came to the conclusion that it couldn't take over. Man was he wrong.
     Two years ago a group of scavengers came across the hut that Frank built. One of the group was a Syker by the name of Kevin Bushmen, a member of the Wendigo squadron from Banshee. As soon as Frank saw Kevin the Skinny inside became enraged and took over, transformed (via Skinwalker) into itself and proceeded to kill everyone in the party. When the carnage was over Frank awoke to the horror of what he had done. He ran for three days before he collapsed and lost what was left of his mind.
     The Skinny had control and Frank was gone. What was left was the mental ghost of a Skinnie in the body of a human with all of its knowledge and Frank's. The Sykers of the world have a new threat, and they didn't even know it.

     Frank De Carlo, or Guewlon as it calls itself, roams the wasteland looking for Sykers. It stalks them and kills them without remorse or gilt. No Syker is safe, even Earth Sykers are tracked down and killed like dogs. It only gotten 10 so far but the body count is about to raise quite quickly soon. You see, Guewlon has learned where the Jericho Academy is, and plans on teaching it's student a lesson in terror.

     Not much is known of individual Skinnies. No one ever had the chance to sit down and chat with them. After all, tea-time was never a concern when your knee deep in your own blood. Guewlon is no exception. The few times people have talked to him sense he took over Frank De Carlo's body, he uses Frank's memories and experiences. He speaks with as few as possible humans, after all, they did just as much damage to the Anouk as the Sykers, but they can wait.
     Frank is a short Italian man in his early thirties with dark hair. His stock build makes most people think he's taller than his 5' 2" from a distance but up close he looks his size. Sense he lost the battle with Guewlon he has slowly been changing. His left hand fingers have grown longer and clawed and the pinky has sense melded into his ring-finger. His skin has taken on a purple hue and his teeth are sharp and pointy like a shark's.
     Because Guewlon isn't really a Skinnie it doesn't have the unlimited Strain, or the Unkillable special ability

Corporeal: D:3d8, N:2d10, Q:3d8, S:4d8, V:2d12
Climbing 2d10, fightin': brawl, club, knife, spear 5d10, shootin': rifle, pistol, SMG 2d8, sneak 4d10
Mental: C:2d8, K:4d12, M:3d8, Sm:4d6, Sp:3d10
Blastin' 6d12, bluff 3d6, guts 5d10, medicine: first aid 2d12, overawe 3d8, scrutinize 3d8
Wind: 22
Strain: 34
Edges: Fortitude, steel-trap mind (5), steel will (5)
Hindrances: All thumbs, bloodthirsty, "the stare", vengeful
Specialty: N/A
Syker Powers: Animated Dead*, Boneripping, Brain Blast, Brain Bomb, Fireproof, Fleshknit, Force Field, Green Lightning*, Mass Mind*, Meat Puppet, Mind Transference, Predator, Skinwalker, Slow Burn, Sturm und Drang, Telekinetic, Third Eye
     Special Abilities:
     He gets a +5 to all blasting rolls to reflect his super-abilities of the Skinnies (but he's in a new body so he's not at full power). The +5 goes to the roll as well as anything that relies on blastin' (like damage, duration, range). He also doesn't need the touch a target or communicate with the target to Meat Puppet someone (his favorite power) all he needs is line of sight.
     Gear: police pistol, knife, necklace with Syker badges on them.
     Note: Powers with *'s are from Loct Colony.
The Setup
     If you have a Faraway Syker in your posse then it should be easy to get the group involved, provided she's not an Apostate or Wendigo. Rumors abound about Sykers in Northern California and Southern Oregon being systematically slaughtered, and anyone with them. The rumors have spread as far east as Junkyard, and from Boise all the way down to Vegas and the Maze. Some of the rumored dead are more than likely one of those he has an oath with. If you have an Earth Syker, two of the victims where Earth Sykers. After all, Guewlon isn't fussy on who the Syker is or who his friends are so they're from all groups.
     If here aren't any Sykers or the whole oath/loyalty thing won't work, the posse can be brought in by a reward for the capture and return of the killer by city leader of Redding, Ca.

Chapter One: Redding, Ca.
     Whatever the reason (traveling through, trading, scavenging) the posse stop into one of northern California's only surviving towns, Redding. Redding, Ca. was a bustling tourist town in northern California. Their population never broke the 3 million mark even with Mt. Shasta Mining (whom owned 90% of all the mining in the county). Their Ghost-Rock output was only 10% (and 14% of other minerals) of California's total. Even 10% constituted a City-Buster in the Last War. Aimed at the city itself, only 2 the population was killed out right do to the city's spread out building plans. Families that maintained cabins never had a problem with the end of the world until the critters got more and more feral and rabid.
     The city of Redding has a Ghost Storm like most cities, but a goodsection was left clear. A trading center lies about two miles from the outer edge of the storm. It was an old strip-mall and Outlet Center but now is the only place in town where anyone lives or works. Hunters, farmers, miners and anyone with a good to trade end up here to do business. One mechanic (in the old 76 station), to restaurants can be found open everyday but everyone else shows up when they can and a Junker (Victor Claxon) who comes to sell his things. Victor lives at the Motel 6 in room 127&8. Tables are set up in the parking lot and the place has the feeling of a medieval swap meet, with every one yelling louder than the other to get buyer's attentions. At anytime 1d6 fruit & vegetables tables can be found selling the hardy food like potatoes, carrots and cabbage, and 1d4 fur and meat tables. There are 2d6 tables selling other goods.
     The posse can do as much or little shopping as they want, but the traders take no script (Junkyard or other wise) except Victor (he trades with a few Sky Pirates that arrive every so often). The more they buy though the more people talk, and that's what they need. Almost every one has heard of the group that got killed at the Motel 6, but most have heard a different version. Some of the versions include that a Wendigo can down out of the mountains for the group, another says that a rival Syker killed them cause they stole something, and yet another says that Christopher was killed by a demon. At any rate the truth is Frank/Guewlon arrived in town a weeks and a day ago. He stopped in the trading center to look around and hear talk of a Syker would brought some big game in town to sell. Guewlon asked around a little and found out the Syker, Christopher Simpson and his friends where staying in the old Motel 6, up the interstate. Guewlon took no time in hightailing it to the motel where he killed the party but the Christopher's was not found there.

Motel 6
     At some point the posse will learn that the Syker lived in the Motel 6 and will want to check out the place of the killing. Rick Mason has owned the motel for 23 years now and has added some security to make sure he keeps it. Rick charges 20 dollars a day or 500 a month for lodging, but the guests are on their own for food. Building one is intact but building two was blown up buy a road gang (at least thatís what Leonard lets everyone believe. Truth is when the gang attacked they scared him and he knocked over on of his distilleries and thatís what blew the place up.). The motel has about 4 permanent guests with 1d4 others plus some 1d4 staying for only a few days to do trading in town. Some of the permanent guests are Victor Claxon (Room 127&8), a Junker who specializes in household and farming needs. Doug Leon (Room 112), a guide that has lived in the mountains for some 50 years. Gorge Hurt (Room 124), a hunter with a short tamper, a real testosterone junky. Leonard Jinkins (Room 211, 2 & 3), a distiller of spirits (as he calls it), his liquids can strip the paint off a car or knock you on your butt, which ever you want to do with it. He drinks more than he sells but still has the money to keep the rooms and eat.
     Christopher and his four friends took rooms 121 & 122. They'd been there for three weeks and still had the rest of the month paid for. Their rooms are still torn to shreds like the day it happened. Rick is the laziest S.O.B. in the world when it comes to cleaning sense his wife died, she did all the cleaning, so the room have been undisturbed. The bodies where burred out in the woods but aren't there anymore (see bellow). All of the sellable items where collected by Rick, who can't remember what they where if asked, but the following can be found:
     Onerous (7)      Christopher's dog-tags, several spent .45 shells and a bloody hand print of some four fingered, long, clawed hand.
     Hard (9)      a brochure for Shasta Caverns

     The guests know the following:
     Victor Not Much, he was a sleep some six doors down and had his headphones on.
     Doug      Was in the mountains working that day, but he showed Christopher where the Shasta Caverns where and gave him the brochure should the posse bring it up.
     Gorge      After he heard the shots he saw someone run out the front gate but he got some shots off at the "perp." Read the following: "They were having a party next door. They bagged some big game and soled the stuff for a ton of crap. I heard two rounds go off bout 8 that night and I bolted for my gun," walks over and pickups an AKA 47. "I saw the 'perp' running out he gates so I took a shot at him. Damn he was fast. He was a bulky little screw, but thatís all I could tell."
     Leonard      He was passed out at the time so he didn't see a thing. Thou he acts guilty, only because he stole the body and made jerky to sell, and offers some to the posse.

Shasta Cavern
     Shasta Caverns was known for its beautiful view of Shasta Lake and the maze of caves. Most were marked but some of the smaller ones aren't. Not very many people visit any more do to the rumors there are a pack of Dogs o' War roaming around he place. Christopher knew this and figured that if he stored his most valuable things there no one would find it. The day Guewlon came calling to the Motel 6, Christopher was hold up here after storing his good from the trade he made the day before. Guewlon tracked him down. Guewlon caught him as he made his way to the road. Christopher ran back to the caves but Guewlon came right after and Christopher died trying to get to his gun. While there isn't much left of Christopher's body, the Dogs o' War saw to that, his things are still there. There's a six pack of Budweiser beer in the small stream marked #1. Christopher's body (what's left of it) is in the chamber marked #2 along with a cot, IW-40 rifle and an H&K MP-20. Christopher's cache is in the alcove that's marked #3, buried under a foot of lose dirt (TN of 9 to spot). In the cache he has a med-kit, binoculars, two doses of Axor, 3 data slugs with Syker Powers on them (Shh!, Sturm und Drang & Third Eye), some clothing, a Palmcorder with Christopher's Journal (detailing his involvement in the Last War & that he's been to the Jericho Academy and tells how to get there), $100 in Junkyard script and some trade-goods equaling $300. The Palmcorder has the same bloody claw marks on it with the information on how to get to the Jericho Academy displayed.
     The pack of Dogs o' War are still in the area. Roll the Dog's Trackin' versus the worse sneak in the posse.
     Learning about the Shasta Caverns: 1 white
     Avoiding the Dogs o' War: 1 red
     Finding the cache: 1 blue

Chapter Two: Over the Hill and Through the Woods
     It's about 750 miles or a 7 hour dive to the town Jericho, but the last five miles to the compound don't have roads anymore, so you need an off-road vehicle. As the posse reach the town read the following:
     "As you enter the town there are signs of a resent battle. Smoke still smolders from fires put out only days ago, as most of the few people left clean the ruble that was there homes. Almost all carry some sign of injury in the form of bloody bandages and gapping wounds. The farther into the town you travel the less the damage is, indicating that maybe the attacker did so from outside the city."
     Everyone in town has the same story. Some creature came in a night ago and killed the Syker guards as they slept then started killing and burning the town. It had powers like the Sykers but it wasn't human. Those that got even a slight look think it was some kind of lizard-man. It was scaly, and tall with an elongated body, but that's all they saw. After it attacked it went off towards the Academy and disappeared.
     The posse can help the town's people but if they realize that the Sykers are in trouble they shouldn't dawdle too much. As they climb the hill towards the compound they cane see fires raging as the sky darkens. They reach the compound with only minutes until dark and are met by 10 Sykers only of 4 of which are over the age of 20. All are armed to the tooth and their weapons are trained on the posse as they arrive. Daniel Marin, Kristina Dupry, Dundee, Ivanova, and Mckenzie are the older Sykers (Mather is in the infirmary due to his wounds) the rest are students that haven't been hunted down. They stop the posse and order them to throw down all of their weapons. They question the posse as to why they are here, but once they learn of the other killings and that the posse are hunting the killer they let them in.
     Marin tells the posse the following once they are back at watch: "After what the town's folk told us we closed the gates and put up a heavier watch. Didn't help. Mather started blastin' the watch and anyone else in his way. He killed six students before I put him down, but it was easy to tell after that he was Meat Puppeted. Who ever is out there he a Syker but I have know clue who he is, or why he's after us. I figure it an Apostate. No one goes anywhere with out an escort, not even the crapper.
     Let the posse have some time to talk with the Sykers before starting the first attack. Any non-Syker in the posse is chosen as the target for a Meat Puppet attack from Guewlon. If Guewlon wins he will get the character close to Marin before he uses the character to kill Martin. If he can't get close he'll just have the target open fire on the closest Syker and then release the target. That when two Night Terrors come in. let the fight with the Night Terrors go on for a round or two, depending on who's getting the upper hand, then tell one of the posse that they see some one down the hill. Matin tells the posse to go after it. As soon as the posse head out the gate towards Guewlon he takes off. They can catch him after a short run but he was waiting for that, divide and conquer. As soon as the posse are about to catch him he ducks behind a large rock and Skinwalks into his normal from and attacks. All of the posse should make a Hard (7) guts check, but any Faraway Sykers must make an Incredible (11) guts check (the Fear level of the place is 4) to attack. Guewlon fights to the death if the posse has a Syker other wise he may try to flee should the tide turn against him. If he runs he'll just try again tomorrow night, but next time he'll send a person from town an make him (or her) until she's dead and send another until the Sykers kill the whole town or stops fighting. Remember Guewlon has to have line of sight so the posse will have a chance to see him or trap him. Every time a Faraway Syker has to face him in his normal form they have to make an Incredible (11) guts check even though they know what he is, just the shock of having to fight one again.

     Frank recorded the whole thing on a Palmcorder. The log started on the Unity and ended three years ago with the entry about killing the Sykers. There's no evidence that Frank ever had a Skinny in his head, but he was changing. It may leave the posse wandering if it was shell shock or he was taken over. They may never know.

     Defeating Guewlon the first time: 1 blue
     Defeating Guewlon after the first time: 1 red

Khulmani from the Deadlands Formus created an adventure barrowing from this one and published it in Spanish here if you wish to take a look.

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