The Alamo

Fear Level-5

The Alamo has come back to life! Every few nights the famous battle is fought again as the ghosts in this Deadland have been suck back. They cannot find the rest they deserve. If anyone tries to help, their bullets kill just as if the ghosts where solid, but the bullets of the ghost are just as deadly. Should the character trying to help die in the process he will be trapped as well in the unending battle. Entering just where he did the night he died. I haven't figured out how to stop the battle for good but maybe one of you Marshals out there can use this and have some inventive posse that you believe should help stop the dead and return them to their final resting place.

Part of; My Ju Ju's Fan Sites.

This site is a Deadlands: Hell on Earth fan site. Deadlands is the property of the Pinnacle Entertainment Group and Hell on Earth is a post apocalyptic, alternate history setting. I use both the "Classic" rules and well as the Savage rules for this site (sorry no D20...yet). By default the rules for everything are "Classic" but by clicking on "Smiling Jack" (the Savage Worlds' logo) at the bottom of the navigation pannel you can change (almost) all the rules information to Savage Worlds. Have fun, enjoy and please let me know what you think or if there are any problems, questions or you would like to submit something/content.

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