The Southwest

     The South West is a bussling area. The Oil Confederate controls a good portion of the land and people, but both the Combuine and local gangs not only keep them and everyone esle on their feet, but some of the local hazzards are so one of a kind that a lot are named after place here. Ever hear of a Texas Tummy Twister? It ain't a practical joke you play on your little brother!

Survivor Settlements



Fort Townson


Lake Conroe

New Nacogdoches

Oil Town
     A massive refinery turned into a city, protected by more hardware than an automiton could shake a stick at. For more information see Iron Osias page 34.

Santa Fe



Major Ruins

Auston, TX
     Once toted as the Greenest city in the CSA, Auston is living up that name in spades. The Ghostrock bombs may have killed off the population (the four largest in Texas) but the plant life is making the kills now!

Houston, TX
     Huston was the largest city in the CSA (and of course Texas). What put Huston on most non Confederate's maps was the Johnson Space Center. This also put it on the USA's short list of nuclear strikes list! No much is left save some really big craters (both conventional and Ghostrock bomb where use) and Ghost Storms. Your welcome to pick through it, but there's not much left.

Phoenix, AZ
     If you hadn't heard, Death (with a capital "D") repopulated the old city. This is no place for the living, not that a desert was in the first place...

Roswell, NM
     What is there to say about Roswell, New Mexico? Well nutso, alien conspiracy theorist Mecca of the world fits. Oh, and one of the oddest Ghost Storms around...

San Antonio, TX
     I once heard a joke about the folks that lived there. Those that have come back from there say it ain't no laughing matter. Seems the ghost storms (yes I said storms) has one hell of a kick, and is making for some odd things roaming the place.

Tombstone, AZ
     Three words: DON'T GO THERE! You've heard of the term 'Ghost Town'? Well in the land of ghosts, this could be the state capital.

Groups/People of Note




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