Welcome to Enterprise, Oregon

Population: 143
Fear Level: 6
     Before the war, Enterprise was a small town, no larger than a mile and a half wide. During the war, not much changed for the small town. While the airport was used as a fueling port of the US Air Force, Enterprise held no strategic importance, nor any other resources. Many young men and women either enlisted of where drafted, but this was no different than any other Northern city.
     It wasn't until after the bombs dropped that Enterprise began to suffer. All around, the major roads and cities crumbled and fallout rolled through the land. With only the back roads and minor highways undisturbed, Enterprise became more and more important. The agents of the Reckoners saw this too. Within the first four years after the bombs, abominations of all stripes descended on the town. It wasn't until the wall was erected and the town's defenses put in place that there was even the smallest peace. Even then Gangs, raiders and the occasional abomination plague them, to this day.
     Since before the war the 7th Day Advent has held a strong following in town. With the Apocalypse, the church's position was cemented. This was after all, what they had preached about for so long. Many of the town's out look on the world today is decided by the church. It was Pastor Brown's urging that created the public morality codes, banning blood sports, brothels and other such activities. It was the church that also made the decision that mutation was a sign of mortal corruption. Because of that, mutants are not treated as equals. Mutants are allowed to in as long as they follow the rules. If they do not or do not what to, they are allowed to or forced to leave, but are not allowed back.
     It was this treatment of mutants that brought the latest round of trouble for the town. Mutants are 'allowed' to live in only one place (the mobile home park), and must be there after dark. Almost all are indentured servants (mostly for the Waddell family), working for food and to pay for their lodging, but not making much more. When word got back to a green robed Doomsayer, he took it upon himself to free the mutants. Those that live in Enterprise, may not like the way they are treated, but they know it could be far worse. The Doomsayer didn't see it that way. When he was refused entrance he returned with a Doombringer in tow. While in the end the Doombringer was taken down, it cost the town 23 dead (including the local Templar) and scared the city with craters.
     Enterprise is governed by a oligarchy council of seven. Three have been set aside for members of the Waddell family because of their ownership of the local farm, largest ranch and several other properties within the city. Alan Waddell Sr. holds the council's lead chair, and has final say on most matters. Alan Waddell Jr. occupies the second family seat while his sister Dianne Waddell hold the last one, vacated by the death of her mother four years ago. Charles Lemoine holds the seat as the leader of the militia and while not a Waddell by birth gives the family a forth seat because of his marriage to Dianne. Since the 7th Day members make up a majority of the citizens, Pastor Brown holds a chair as well. Dr. Grivous, director of the Willowa Memorial Hospital, holds the sixth chair, while Norman Jolley, owner of the only other ranch, holds the last and normally speaks for the merchants in town.

     Food: While only minimally agricultural before the war, the Waddell family turned the local golf course into a farm and raise apples, barley, beans, hemp, onions, peas, spinach, sugar beets, tomatoes & wheat along with an assortment of herbs. While the Waddell's got into farming crops, two other families (the Jolley and Gaspard) collected ducks, mules, dogs, chickens & goats for livestock. The mountains are teaming with game, and the local hunters have been trapping and killing condors, dear, rabbits, raccoons, foxes & wild hogs. Andre Nemo has maintained his fish hatchery supplying the town with a small amount of fish.
     Water: Run off from the mountain is clean (for the Wasted West) and drinkable. The sewage treatment plant also recycles water for drinking and use in a massive boiler to produce power. All this and several small lakes/large ponds, this creating an overabundance of water allowing them to sell it for $.50/ gallon.
     Fuel and Power: A few store owner and privet homes are powered by steam engines. The rest of the town pays heavily for power, but thanks to Mr. Friendly there is no building in town without power. It is because of a few industrial survivors that stared mining the near by area that they have sulfur, ghost rock, nickel & coal.
     Medical: The town has working hospital/clinic. There is a staff of 5 doctors, 8 medics and an Herbalist in the large clinic. They have an assortment of medical drugs and herbal remedies for sell.
     Communications: Daily and weekly meetings are planned regularly for the town's news. Thanks to their placement on the Convoy's route, they enjoy limited mail and news from across the country.
     Commerce: The town is self sufficient, but enjoys its status as a trading post. They have a small market place set aside for anyone to use.
     Military: The town has a wall: 12 feet high and 4 feet thick, made from concrete, mud and junk. Members of town joined the militia full time, but defense of the town is the response ability of the entire town in times of need. While the town members are responsible to supply their own weapons, the militia is well armed and armored.

The Law:
     Major crimes (like murder, theft, etc.) can be punished by shootin' squad or hangin'.
     All other crimes are punished by stockades, temporary/permanent exile or hard labor
     Everyone in town (visitors included) are held to a strict moral code.
     Scroungin' in town is outlawed, violation is considered a major crime.
     Mutants are kept segregated. Anyone with a mutation can leave of their own accord, but if they remain in town they cannot roam the streets after dark and must lodge in the mobile home park.

Predators (Natural and otherwise):
     "Natural" predators: mountain lions, komodo dragons, black bears, wolverines, leopards & pandas.
     Supernatural predators: Carcajous, Catamounts, Cemetery Wolves & Chinooks.
     Other Local Groups: Leather Junkies (members 19) & Yesterday's Children (1 adult, 14 kids)

Places of interest:
The Gaspard Ranch: The ranch raises ducks & chickens. Nora Gaspard owns and runs the ranch. Colleen Holladay, Ralph Lockridge* work it for a room and board.

The Jolley Ranch: The ranch raises dogs, mules & goats. Norman Jolley and her husband Eugene Jolley runs the ranch, but are only partial owners. When times got tough, the Jolley's where helped out by the Waddell family. Eventually their debt was so large, that the Waddell signed an agreement with the Jolley's making them half owners and sharing in half the goods. Some where leery when the Jolley's only son, Marcel, married Paula Waddell. The Jolley's employ mutants to help maintain the ranch.

The Waddell Farm (Alpine Meadows Golf Course): Fidel Waddell runs the farm and uses the local mutants to work the fields.

Market place (Main & 3rd St): Traders from town (that can't afford a shop) and from out of town set up stalls here to trade their goods. A few locals you can find here are Edyth Conway (deals in nick-knacks), Ela Paige (deals in crafts), Timothy Peters (deals in milk), Ryan Haile (deals in cheese & biscuits), Fidel Dryden (deals in fur & leather), Keith Albright (deals in oils, yankee cornbread & cheese).

The Common Good Natural Food Market (Main & 2nd St): The store is filled with lots of goods, from canned and dry foods to tools, camping and clothing. Among the shelves there are a few staples, that the town's people make: hemp cheese, hemp "milk", oils, cheese, milk, lotions, sunscreen, perfume, oils, candy & candy. The owner, Jeremy Larsen, runs things. Genna Caban help out around the store (stocking the shelves cleaning and what not).

Linda's Leathers (North St): Linda Brunot can fill all your leather and fur good needs. Among the normal leather jackets and boots (which she can also repair) she makes animal harnesses, bits and the like, one can also find weapon sheaths.

Aaron's Weapon shop (Alamo St & Huricane Creek Rd): Aaron Lebeau makes bows, arrows and anything else that can be used to kill. He can make his arrow heads out of wood and stone. He has 5 melee weapons, 97 bullets, 50 explosives, 3 'cap & ball' firearms & 6 bows in stock.

Ralph's Garage (old Shell Station on Main St): Ralph Waddell owns and runs Ralph's Garage while & Adrienne Paxton (a Junker) helps out around the shop. Anthony has 3 Econoboxes, 2 Sedans, a Hovercar, a Backhoe, a Mid size pickup & 4 bicycles for sale. He also has a working pump and 36 gallons of ethanol, 22 gallons of gasoline and 50 gallons of Spook Juice.

Johnny's Stables (Near the main gate on Claude St): The owner, Johnny Sperry, buys mounts and beasts of burden from the local ranchers and visitors. Currently there are 2 dogs & 4 mules for sale. Earl Chapin makes carts and carriages and sells them here. There are about 6 available.

Marian's Bakery (North & First St): Marian Cutler makes some of the finest baked goods, from flat bread, pasta, pastries, biscuits, cakes to cookies.

Cynthia's Butchery (North & First St): Cynthia Dryden offers a wide variety of meat cuts. She's willing to custom slice an animal (if she has any fresh). She keeps a few prime cuts locked in a frig in the back, the rest is pickled, salted or dried for preservation sake.

Coosie's (Next to the airport): Need to put the feed bag on? Viola Jolley, the owner, runs the place while Chris Kiely is in the back cooking up grub for the customers (Sample Menu).

The Lean Skillet (E Main St): Need to put the feed bag on? Delores Griffiths the owner, runs the place while Nolan Sandy is in the back cooking up grub for the customers (Sample Menu).

Nemo's Hatchery: While no one save for the owner, Andre Nemo, and a few helpers are allowed passed the gift shop/dinner, the hatchery is a sight to see. The whole place is themed like some kind of steam-punk meets pirate novel and the dinner is a local favorite. The dinner is pricy, but the fresh fish, and sushi seem to be well worth it to most.

Time Was Antiques (Main St): Malissa Gracen has owned the store since before the war. With the end of the world, she went a little over the edge. She covets all things antique, going so far as making deals for them that most people could not pass up. Most people avoid the store unless they have something she wants.

Skylight Gallery (Main St): The Gallery was an art studio, but Aurthor Albright has made it his show place for his Junker wears more so than a store. Albright's devices are all super flashy and overly expensive, but they work.

Book Loft (Main St): Once a book store, Lori Car (a Librarian), has turned it into a librarian out post. Visitors are welcome, and she charges for use of the books, but while books come in, no book leaves the store.

Paper Museum & Bookstore (Main St): Rick Carmon took over the old store/museum and has been using hemp he and his wife, Karrie, have been growing to make paper products of all kinds.

The Wingate Inn (Alamo St & Hurricane Creek Rd): Visitors looking for a place to stay or have a drink in town might try here. The owner, Fidel Wingate, is always happy to see new guests. Agnes Eugene is the attentive bartender (local hooch: corn whisky, corn beer, Vodka & sugar beet rum). The Inn bar doubles as a restaurant (Sample Menu).

The Best Western Hotel (Willowa Lake Hwy & Tejake Ln): Visitors looking for a place to stay or have a drink in town might try here. The owner, Delores Griffiths, is always happy to see new guests while her husband George Griffiths is in the back cooking up grub for the customers. Melody Marker manages the gambling tables and slot machines (the slots use the chips as well). Raymond Finnell handles the tables and Irene Greenway is the friendly bartender (local hooch: single malt barley whisky, beer, Vodka & sugar beet rum). The Hotel also has a Dance Hall where Rochel Saunders & Blondell Feeney dance with the customers (for a small fee). The council doesn't like this place, but the Griffiths donate lots of goods to the town and police the hotel themselves, nearly eliminating troubles.

Hitch's Saloon (Flora St near the fair grounds): Drinking and gambling, what town would be complete with out one of these. The owner, Brain Hitch, runs the place and Deborah Ferrante tends the bar.

Sewage Treatment Plant (on Golf Course Rd): Morgan Friendly has been maintaining the plant for over thirty years. Everyone in town owes him big time, because the plant has not only kept the town's sewage system working, but provides clean water and even power.

Masonic Temple (Highland Ave): Sometime before the war, the old Mason Temple was closed down. No one remembers why, but the fellowship all packed up and left town. Some remember a fewed between the 7th Day Advent and the Masons, but that's it. Meadow Hunt, a Templar, set up shop in the old temple when she took over as the area's Templar. While she was only there for a few weeks a season, her presence was always felt. Since her death during the fight with the Doombringer, the temple has remained locked and closed out of respect.

Willowa Momorial Hospital (Park St): This single story state of the art hospital was built to take care of the entire county. Since Doomsday, the Hospital has become more a Hotel than hospital. While only townies live in the facility, it does house over thirty people. It has a small staff, and the residences all do something to help the hospital. Not only does the hospital have medication, they rooted out an entire parking lot to convert it into an herb garden.

7th Day Advent Collage (Garfield St): Before that end of the world proved them "right", the collage was struggling to survive. Since the bombs dropped and the Horsemen made their ride the congregation has swelled, and now the collage holds daily and weekly mass. The collage was also partially responsible for education (both children and adults). When the Doombringer brought the roof down (and the rest of the block) on the local high school (used as the primary school) the collage took over all of the educational responsibility for the community.

Enterprise Municipal Airport (Pace Ave): This small airport has serviced the county for years, and served as a refueling station during the war. Since then, the Sky Pirates have adoptied it, and the town has made missive amounts from them for food and fuel.

Willowa County Fairgrounds (Wagner St): The town council has a banned blood sports, brothels and other "non-savory" attractions, but that hasn't stopped Elle McHale. She puts on animal fights, girly shows and even the occasional pit battles. How she gets away with this is a mystery, but none of the council has seen fit to do more than publicly chastise her on occasion.

The Waddell Family
Alan Waddell (Waddell Family Patriarch)
& Cloe Parker (deceased)
Alan Waddell Jr.
& Cassidy Muckey (deceased)
THEN Tarra Fetter
Fidel Waddell (Farm Manager)
& Blanche Albrecht (deceased)
Dianne Waddell
& Charles Lemoine (Militia Leader)
Alan Waddell III
& Kristen Merrill (Militia Member)
  Glenn Waddell
& Ralph Durnell
Paula Waddell
& Marcel Jolley
Ralph Waddell
Della Waddell
& Keith Swisher
Deric Waddell (deceased)
& Christy Thao
Alan Waddell IX Justin Waddell Christina Waddell            

---> The Town Militia <---
Charles Lemoine - Leader of the Militia Douglas Hungerford - Second in command Kristen Merrill - Night Commander
Douglas Bean Laurinda Chance William Gaspard
Brittanie Bires Jeremiah Ozuna Nathan Finnell
Nathan Coates Roxanne Menke Brandy Eagle

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