Back East

I'm focusing on the American West. Here's why. I've never been to Canada, and my experience in Mexico was as short and violent as the case of Montezuma's Revenge I brought back with me. There's an ocean to the West, so that only leaves the East. I was there a lot when I was younger, but no one goes there anymore. Why? Because you'll die if you do. That's not just scary campfire talk either.

Here's why It's common knowledge that the heavily populated east coast was devastated by bombs. Out West, targets were spread far and wide. Back East, targets were much closer. The death toll was much higher. All those dead folks mean lots of horrors and certainly scores of walking dead. But there are far more than scores-more like hundreds of thousands.

That's right. Legions of walking dead cover the earth within a few hundred miles of the east bank of the Mississippi. Maybe farther. Maybe as far as the coast. No one knows. The high death toll would make lots of zombies, but not like this. Some brave souls who've been Back East speak of a city of the dead, called Necropolis, somewhere near the Mississippi.

These same folks have whispered about something-or someone-creating and controlling this undead army. We need to find out who, and we desperately need to know what they're planning. A group called the River Watch is on top of this (See Mississippi), but their numbers are few, and the Mississippi ia awfully damn long.

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