Matt Lawton

     Of all the Sykers to come through the Junkyard Matt Lawton (Commander Matt Lawton of the UN Peace Force of Faraway as he always introduces him self even though he was a USA Syker) isn't much different in his arrogance. Walking tanks have been one of the many names I've heard them called, and Lawton personifies that label to it's maximum definition. I've seen him blast through a vault door like it was cotton-candy and cremate Walking Dead before they stop walking. He's way too by the book for me but a nice guy way down deep (way, way down deep).
     Sense he came back he joined the Librarians and has this sickening need to save pre-war junk. I think he is one of the most ubsest with the past people I've ever meet. I mean hey, who doesn't remember a good hot dog or glass of water but man he takes thing a little too far sometimes.

     Note: Lawton is part of my first Hell on Earth group "The Unity Bunch." To learn more about the Unity Bunch click here for theMarshal Page and hit the link "Unity or Bust".

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