Transdimensional Space

  Associated Spirits: Appliance
  TN: special
     Electronic: None
     Mechanical: None
     Structural: 10%
  Drain: None
  Requirements: Occult: Engineering - 6
     There are a rare few Junkers out there that have learned to master not only tech-spirits but the spiritís connections to the world. High members of the Chamber are some of the only ones known to have this power, but there are a few others.
     In a nutshell, this power does not make a device, but instead adds slots to a device. These 'extra slots' are not in the material world, but in the spirit and tied the device via the tech-spirit.
     A Junker can add as many 'extra slots' as they like, the only limit, how well they can roll. The 'extra slots' start at 10, with a TN of 5. For each 10 slots beyond that the TN is increased by 1 (i.e.: 20 'extra slots' is a TN of 6, 30 is 7, 40 is 8, 50 is 9, etc.). Any thing built into the 'extra slots' still needs power just as normal.
     One note, anything that can see the spirit world (i.e.: Sykers with Third-eye, anyone drinking spook juice, etc.) or are in the spirit world (i.e.: spirits) can see these 'extra slots'. If anyone can affect the spirit world, they can affect the device powers 'stored' in the 'extra-dimensional' space.
     Another minor side effect, if for whatever reason the device is taken to the spirit world, the 'extra slots' are reintroduced to the device. This can be interesting if the device is normally a small hand-held object with lots of 'extra slots'. Imagine a gun suddenly gaining half's size.

     Now I know someone could do something like building a 'Bag of Holding' using this power, but that is not the intention. This power is a way of mimicking the ability of Familiars and the upper echelon of The Chamber. The requirement is there to stop players from starting the game with this power. Needless to say, finding a human teacher isn't going to be easy (if they have a Rank of 4 or higher in The Chamber you might give them one), as for surfing the 'Net', I recommend increasing the TN to 9 and/or a separate roll at the normal TN just to learn that the power exists.

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