Now I bet your saying here he's ganna go on and on about the marvels of technology and weird science, right? Wrong! Technology got our collective butts blow to kingdom come. But personally the devices I have come up with and those of the Junkers I personally know have made the world a better place for us inventors. Some of my colleges (like the thief) Charles F. Jones V won't make weapons, or at least weapons that kill. While others won't trade with the unscrupulous types. I'm working on some experiments my self but I'm not ready to put them here just yet.
     O.K. I'll gloat a bit. I like technology and the idea of binding the rules I can't work through tickles me like only a satellite up-link or woman can. Seeing one of the things I build work gets me off my feet and dancing. So you will excuse me if I sound like a kid here.

New Powers
Transdimensional Space

    Here are some inventions from Charles F. Jones V. one note I'd like to say now that the ideas about the cloaking technology was from me but he never gave me any credit.

Non-lethal Weapons to Protect the Things You Love

By Charles F. Jones V
     In my youth I had no need to protect my belongings, but as a quaint associate of mine pointed out, "Times have changed!" What a grasp of the obvious, but I digress. In the modern day life of a survivor of the Last War one needs to make sure that some hooligan doesn't try to make off with the little a person has. Of course, being a humanitarian I abhor the killing of another (even mutated) human. So, using my vast knowledge of all things scientific and "supernatural" I have invented several useful yet non-lethal weapons and other devices to protect my inventory and self.

Bellow you will find Charle's inventions as well as others'. All the device can be found in the 'Equipment' section, but they are collected here with info for the Junker.

Junker Battlesuit
Junker Spiritual Battlesuit
Laser Rifle
Universal Lockpick

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