Molecular Incohesion

TN: 5
Strain: 5
Speed: 2
Duration: 5 Strain/round
Range: Self
     Sure being solid is great, but makes walls a real burden. A few Doomsayers have been messing with the idea of speeding up their molecules and the effects it has. One learned that at a certain speed the Doomie can literally move his molecules through in-between other molecules. In essence she can pass through solid objects, and solid objects pass through her.
     While Molecular Incohesion is active the Doomsayer can not be harmed by physical attacks, nor can she attack others physically, but other forms of attack work just as well. She can also walk through solid objects like walls, doors, etc. at her normal pace. Should the Doomsayer run out of Strain in the middle of a solid object it means instant death.

Other Domsayer Powers:
  Evolution of Mass       Excellerant     

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