Evolution of Mass

TN: 5
Strain: 5
Speed: 5
Duration: 5 Strain/minute
Range: Self
     Ever wander how it felt to go with the flow. Well some Doomies thought about just that. Mass is defined in three forms. Gas, Solid and Liquid and each is only different form each by the rate of the molecule's movement. They theorized that by speeding up the molecules in the body you could change it from a solid to gas form.
     When the Doomsayer activates Evolution of Mass he transforms his body into a green glowing fog like gas. While she is a gas-like fog she can move at her normal walking speed, but no faster. She can slip through the smallest cracks and has no fear of physical attacks. Magical and heat attacks effect her normally. Her major concern is wind. Any wind harder than a normal breeze can blow her in a direction she may not want to go. Roll faith the see if the Doomsayer can resist the wind (TN determined by the Marshal based on how much stronger the wind is over a breeze).

Other Domsayer Powers:
  Excellerant       Molecular Incohesion     

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