Cult o' Doom

     These guys popped up in good old Sin City a little after the Big Bang. This Silas guy started chanting about the Glow and how radiation is 'the key to human evolution'. Man o' man talk about a group of weirdoes. Now don't get me wrong I'm a card carrying member of the 'chosen ones,' but all I got is a rash on my bum that wont stop itch'en no matter how much aloe I put on the thing. And here comes a group of cloaked yahoos saying that my rash is part of evolution? But hey, you ain't here to hear about my problems, I know. Anyhow, some of these muties start show'en powers to Nuke things and before you knew it, old Off-His-Rocker-Silas has got himself a following. The Colt o' Doom is what he calls it and a bigger bunch of doom bringers you'll never find (pun definitely intended). Well it seems some of Silas' Doomsayers got tired of the 'norms are going to die off anyway, so help them along' redirect so they vamoosed. They are lead by this groovy-hippie-chi ck by the name of Joan. Joan's glow-worms wear purple while Silas' goons wear green. So if you see a Green Robe coming and you ain't got a rash like me, run! And don't look back! As for the Purple Robes they're alright. If you need help they try, provided you're a mutie or you find one with a soft heart for norms.

     Now I've seen these guys powers (If you read up on my history you know), and I thought I'd put some of the little known " miracles" I've seen here and a little something for the Horndog in us all.

  Evolution of Mass
  Molecular Incohesion

Send me any Doomsayer powers so I can post'em here.

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