Critters and Other Things to Watch Out For

     I've left the Junkyard only twice and that was before the Big Bomb. Now that's not to say I know nothing of what's going on in the world. One of my favorite things is to talk with travelers and others via ComSat (though he edits most of the stuff, but I found ways around that) about the world. I've heard the stories of the monsters and the unusual animals as well as some of the weird people you don't want to meet.
     About a year ago a friend of mine I trade with found an old computer in the ruins of San Jose, Ca. After some work I was able to get the information off the hard drive and found it was an old Web Sever for a group know as the Explorers Society. These cooks would go out and hunt down the nastiest things they could find and document their findings. They didn't always kill the critter but they did watch and learn every thing like the guys on PBS (for you young'uns PBS is a pre-bomb TV station that ran educational programs) that filmed animals in their natural environment. Kind'a like a Supernatural Wild America. I've used most of their original programming to record any information about the thing people have told me are out there, including the more unusual people.

Below is some of the entries that where already on the computer and the new ones I have put in sense I found the computer.


Blood Nats

The Reaper Man


Send me any information of some of the critters out there so I can post'em here.

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