Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers

The transcript of a conversation with Lyn Darby by James Fuzzy.
     "I swear it was horrible. The things just pop out'a old sewer tunnels and drag ya down with them."
     "No they're not human…I mean they're not human any more. They're deformed and stuff."
     "Not like a mutie. More like Trogs man. Their heads got big bumps on the back like their brains a growing or something and their mouths are huge. Anyhow like I said, we (Mr. Darby and his friend Mr. Haggan) went down there after we saw one of these things drag Doug in. It ran throw those sewers like a snake in it's hole. When we found the thing all we could do was stair in horror. They had this whole toxic waste dump thing. They were sitting around this pond of radioactive waste chewing on different pieces of Doug. Man we ran so fast that when we finally stopped we where a mile out side the city."

Rumored to live in the underground parts of Seattle, these things were once humans that have mutated to Trog status. Lone (or sometimes two) people have been known to disappear only to turn up as a pile of bones.

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